Christine Drazan Says Oregon Should Take A Different Path! What Is She Point At?

Christine Drazan Oregon should take a different path. We requested an opinion piece from each of the three front-runners for the position of governor: Republican Christine Drazan, Democratic nominee Tina Kotek, and Independent Betsy Johnson.

The Republican candidate for governor of Oregon is Drazan, a former speaker of the Oregon House. In Oregon City, she resides. Visit to learn more.

Being an Oregonian, my life is a story of that state. My family and the entire community were impacted by the natural resource industry’s employment losses when I was growing up in Klamath Falls.

Due to my hardships, I now have empathy for everyone going through a difficult period and a sense of obligation to improve the situation. Even at that time, it was difficult to ignore the link between the struggles too many families in our community were experiencing and the politicians who left them behind, frequently making matters worse rather than better.

Since those times, a great number of Oregonians have been left behind, yet it has been years and distances. Because of politicians who have pushed for power over serving Oregonians, families are less stable, streets are less safe, and opportunities have been diminished.

Christine Drazan

Simply put, they have made matters worse rather than better. Oregon as we know and love it is in pain. This does not need to be the case. In order to better the lives of Oregon families throughout the state, I’m running for governor.

My Roadmap for Oregon’s Future was published earlier this month. My goal is to change the course of Oregon by addressing issues such as homelessness, public safety, affordability, education, and others.

It’s the outcome of innumerable discussions I’ve had with Oregonians from all walks of life all around the state. This plan is an expression of my dedication to meeting the needs of Oregonians from the very first day while having a clear vision for change.

We need to address the crises on our streets before we can improve the lives of Oregonians. I will issue a state of emergency for homelessness, which will enable the resources required to make sure that homelessness is uncommon and transient rather than frequent and recurring.

I will fight to get Measure 110 overturned since it legalized heroin and methamphetamine and made our addiction epidemic worse. In order to ensure that Oregonians who require assistance can receive it, my first budget will increase expenditures on addiction and mental health support and services.

By doing this, I hope to ensure that this problem is handled responsibly and compassionately. My road map lays out a strategy for reestablishing law and order and public safety. The escalating violence in Portland is making headline news. Compared to 2019, homicides increased by 207% in 2021.

In their own areas, people no longer feel secure. Defunding the police and enabling political goals to undermine community safety are two ways that politicians have undermined law enforcement. To reestablish safety in our communities, my government will support law enforcement by assisting in the deployment of additional officers.

As the cost of living in Oregon rises, residents need assistance. Living and raising a family in Oregon is more expensive now than it has ever been, from the price of petrol to the price of a home. In order to make Oregon one of the most expensive states in the country, my two opponents joined forces with Kate Brown.

Together, they backed a $2 billion hidden sales tax per biennium as well as increased gas taxes and car registration fees totaling more than $5.3 billion. At a time when we least can afford it, their votes have increased inflation by another layer.

I will take the initiative by vetoing needless new tax hikes, putting a stop to new mandates, and evaluating current rules that raise expenses within my first 100 days.

Christine Drazan

People from Oregon should be proud of their state. We are fortunate to reside in a state with unsurpassed natural beauty, hardworking citizens, and robust communities.

But Oregon did not end up in this position by chance. We are here as a result of Kate Brown’s and the ruling class’ failed policies, which reduced educational standards, decreased neighborhood safety, and boosted prices.

We just cannot afford to keep pursuing the same failed strategies that have hurt Oregon and left far too many Oregonians behind. I’m hoping you’ll help me lead our state on a new path.

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