Betsy Johnson: Protecting The State We Love And Key Issues With Common Sense!

We asked the three front-runners for the position of the governorβ€”Democratic nominee Tina Kotek, Republican nominee Christine Drazan, and independent candidate Betsy Johnsonβ€”to pen an opinion piece outlining why Oregonians should elect them to fill the position. The op-eds are published in their original form, with only minor alterations.

Β Betsy Johnson

Johnson, a former senator from District 16 in Oregon, is vying for governor as an independent. Her residence is Warren. Visit to learn more.

Beloved Oregon is disappearing. Though we are more divided than ever, the majority of us feel that the state is moving on the wrong path. Already, nine counties have decided to consider leaving Oregon for Idaho.

There is a genuine need in our state for sensible leadership. Oregonians fear the radical left and distrust the right-wing extremists.

Neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I’m not running. As an Oregonian who is only devoted to you, I’m running. Supporting me merely requires a desire for a better Oregon; you don’t even need to break with your party.

The two sides would prefer to fight than come to an agreement because of their respective ideological extremes. We are urged to choose between them in every election. For instance, Oregonians are currently being asked whether they prefer to increase public safety, put an end to tent cities, and sufficiently finance the police over protecting a woman’s freedom to choose.

The only candidate for governor who wants to accomplish both is me. Protecting our children and their future, locating affordable housing in Oregon, and addressing the homeless epidemic are all issues that we must work together to resolve.

Betsy Johnson
I will use the most talented individuals and the finest ideas from both parties as Oregon’s independent governor to advance our cause. One party won’t treat the other badly anymore. For legislation, budgets, and appointments, I will demand bipartisan backing. I’ll return power to the people. The incoming governor of Oregon has a lengthy task list. I’ll take the lead on these crucial topics using common sense:

A Homeless Person-

Although we must show compassion, we also demand individual responsibility. Long-term housing or mental health services cannot have waiting rooms on our streets. Street camping must be prohibited. What we really need is a governor who will start behaving like a crisis rather than just talking about it as an emergency.

Public Security-

We should all be able to utilize the streets securely because they are everyone’s property. I won’t undermine or disparage our police. I’ll end the failed experiment of making heavy drugs legal. I’ll put a halt to the leftist objective of freeing criminals.

I won’t disarm law-abiding folks, but I will take extra measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the insane, and children. I’ll strengthen background checks and increase the age at which some firearms can be purchased. I’ll defend our schools while contributing to the complete breakdown of our mental health system.

Knowledge –

Kotek and other Democrats who were indebted to the teachers’ union lowered graduation standards when Oregon schools were not meeting them. In addition to demanding accountability for expenditure and student achievement, I will reinstate academic standards.

I will respect local sovereignty and pay attention to parents and teachers. Our schools, in my opinion, should teach, not indoctrinate. Every child in Oregon deserves a top-notch education and an equal opportunity for success.

Accessibility –

The Legislature has to be informed that legislators don’t construct homes. Politicians have made it uneconomical for builders to provide cheap housing, which has resulted in a shortage of available housing.

I’ll put an end to new levies and taxes that raise the price of housing and everything else, including petrol, health insurance, energy, and licenses for boating, fishing, and hunting. Affordability affects life quality. No matter how stunning Oregon is, if you can’t afford to live here, it doesn’t matter.

Jobs –

Oregon should stop taking jobs and the people who create them for granted. Whether you produce wood chips, computer chips, potato chips, or fish and chips, I’ll do everything in my power to keep the government off your back and out of your pocket. Both those who create jobs and those who simply wish to keep them have my respect.

I might come across as an unlikely leader who can fix a flawed system. However, I am exactly that. I’m a frustrated daughter of Oregon who won’t give up on the place I call home without a fight. Follow me.

Three Potential Governors Of Oregon Present Their Cases In The Sunday Opinion Section

The election for governor of Oregon is shaping up to be the most competitive and unpredictable in recent memory with three highly qualified and well-funded candidates vying for the state’s top office.

We asked the three leading candidates β€” Democratic nominee Tina Kotek, Republican nominee Christine Drazan, and independent candidate Betsy Johnson β€” to write an opinion piece on why Oregonians should elect them as their next governor in order to help voters understand the different perspectives of the three leading contenders.

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