Holy Wedding Fail! Guests Had To Leave A Nj Venue That Was On Fire

A couple who were about to get married and have their reception at one of the most highly regarded locations in the state of New Jersey was forced to flee for their lives along with all of their guests. It occurred on Thursday evening at about six o’clock at The Rockleigh, which is located in Bergen County.

When emergency personnel arrived, they saw a heavy cloud of smoke on the building’s first and second levels, as well as a dark column of smoke emanating from the structure. “Guests attending a wedding and all staff were safely evacuated,” Northvale Police Chief Howard Ostrow reported. “Thank goodness.”

A large number of communities, including Rockleigh, Northvale, Norwood, Closter, Harrington Park, Old Tappan, Demarest, and Emerson, as well as certain New York City departments, responded to the call. According to the authorities, the blaze initially started in the boiler room and then spread to the second level.

Holy Wedding Fail! Guests Had To Leave A Nj Venue That Was On Fire
Holy Wedding Fail! Guests Had To Leave A Nj Venue That Was On Fire

No major injuries were reported by any of the witnesses. After forty minutes, the blaze was brought under control.

I really hope the pair doesn’t put too much stock in omens and portents.

When the commotion began, the staff at the Rockleigh was just putting the finishing touches, including the strategic placement of flower petals, on the wedding before it was about to start. The engaged couple and their families waited in the parking lot after being evacuated as the staff discussed whether or not they could rapidly switch to holding the wedding outside. In the end, the couple came to the conclusion that the entire day needed to be postponed and rescheduled.

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