Is Really Mountain Lion P-22 Spotted Roaming In Hills Streets Causes Chaos In Public?

According to authorities and video footage recorded by locals, the mountain lion commonly known as P-22 was seen prowling across the Hollywood Hills, climbing and leaping from fences Wednesday night and early Thursday.

Around 4:40 a.m. on Thursday, the large cat ambled across the street in front of a doorbell camera in Beachwood Canyon, according to local resident Arielle Lafuente. The mountain lion returned to her home just after sunrise, at around 6:30.

She remarked, “He was roaming about here for hours.” It’s undoubtedly thrilling. Our dog, however, first resisted leaving the house at his customary time of 6:30 p.m. for a walk before showing great interest in the smells outside.

Video shows that a different neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, saw the cat jump off the fence next to his house. But we got a picture from her footage.

Lafuente frequently photographs coyote packs, but this was her first encounter with a mountain lion.

Mountain Lion P-22 Spotted Roaming In Hills Streets
Mountain Lion P-22 Spotted Roaming In Hills Streets

The golden cat’s identity was confirmed by authorities, who identified it as bachelor cat P-22, whose natural habitat is Griffith Park.

P-22 is a well-known cat, so any sighting of him is noteworthy, but not exceptional, according to Ana Beatriz Cholo, a National Parks Service official. He occasionally travels to different neighborhoods because he lives in Griffith Park, which is close to the hills. All of it is a part of his hood.

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