Hillsboro: Centennial Joins Canby In High School’s Northwest Conference! Centennial Director says

As Centennial High School transitions to the 5A Northwest Oregon Conference this fall, the longtime Mt. Hood Conference participants will now face a new cast of rivals.

The action was taken as part of initiatives to strengthen the district’s athletic program and level the playing field for the high school teams. Some Centennial teams have even failed to recruit enough students to produce a varsity level team, despite the fact that many recent Centennial teams have finished near or at the bottom of the conference standings.

Due to a lack of interest, Centennial High School did not have a varsity girl’s basketball team in the 2021–22 academic year.

Daunte Gouge, the new athletic director at Centennial High School, said, “It was an opportunity that came up for our kids.” “We think that joining a new league with more equal competition could rekindle passion within the department, which would ideally increase our numbers and give our sports programs more momentum.”

With several unfamiliar opponents in the 5A Northwest Oregon Conference, including Canby, Hillsboro, Hood River Valley, Milwaukie Academy of the Arts, La Salle Prep, Parkrose, Milwaukie, and Wilsonville, Centennial will have its work cut out for it.

Since Gouge spent three years as Parkrose High School’s sports director, he is well familiar with the division and will provide the Eagles team with strong guidance during the transition.

Hillsboro Centennial Joins Canby In High Schools Northwest Conference
Hillsboro Centennial Joins Canby In High Schools Northwest Conference

“The competition doesn’t become any easier just because you’ve joined the Northwest Oregon Conference. However, this conference is a little bit more evenly spread, and those youngsters are still working very hard “explained Gouge. “While we won’t be competing with the Central Catholics of the globe, we will still face tough opposition from Wilsonville. It will undoubtedly be fascinating.”

Gouge added that leaving the epidemic and beginning a new conference might pique the curiosity of students who had previously been on the fence about attending.

“I believe we have already seen a lot more interest in our teams coming out of the pandemic,” Gouge added. This year, we were able to field three boys’ soccer teams, which is fantastic.

Gouge added that the district’s support of sports, in general, will increase pupils’ enthusiasm for joining a team. Gouge emphasized the district’s decision to reinstate middle school athletics including basketball, wrestling, and track and field.

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