Is It Possible To Cook For Free In Hillsborough? What Is The Event Planner’s Plan?

A community cookout will be held by the city of Hillsboro on Friday, September 2 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Director of services and safety The city is inviting the entire community to the ceremony, which was scheduled to take place at the former firehouse at 108 Gov. Trimble Place.

According to Abbott, the event’s menu will consist of standard grill-out fare including hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, soda, water, cookies, etc. The mayor, a few city employees, possibly a few city council members, and herself, she explained, would be preparing the food.

I believe we’re all enthusiastic, Abbott said. As time permits, we’ve been working to ensure the success of the event. We’re working to spread the word so that everyone is aware of it and can come enjoy it.

Additionally, Abbott stated that tables and chairs would be set up for the celebration, and if it were possible, she hoped that entertainment like corn hole would be provided.

She claimed that some food was being purchased and some was being donated. She claimed that the city was “lucky” since several neighborhood businesses either donated the things or bought them at cheap. She said that either the city already had them or they were donated, the barbecues and such goods weren’t purchased.

Cookout For Free In Hillsboro
Cookout For Free In Hillsboro

Because the barbecue was Mayor John Harsha’s idea and vision, Abbott claimed she had to give him credit. According to her, the gathering is considered a means for people to interact with others in the neighborhood. The event, according to her, has been discussed for “a few months,” but due to their busy schedules, time slipped their minds, so they decided to plan it now.

She stated that whether the event became yearly would be up to the community.

Abbott added, “I believe we’ll definitely look into doing it annually if we receive a tonne of feedback and it’s something people want to continue doing. “Waiting to hear the comments. In addition to some of our other events, perhaps everyone will love it and we can make it an annual event. We’ll kind of measure everyone’s interest since it’s the first one and takes it from there.

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