Usc Vs Utah Is Debatable, But Trojans Are Better Than Oregon!

The football analysts who cover the Pac-12 that the USC Trojans, Utah Utes, and Oregon Ducks are the three best teams in the conference going into the upcoming season and that these three teams are also the ones who have the best chance of finishing in the top three.

The most surprising development in these top three, however, occurred during the offseason when it was revealed that Oregon was ranked higher than USC in not one, but three major polls: the Pac-12 media poll conducted in late July, the USA TODAY Coaches Poll conducted in early August, and the Associated Press Poll conducted shortly afterward. It is generally believed that the Trojans will not be able to go to the Pac-12 Championship Game because the Oregon Ducks will stand in their way.

I don’t get it.

There is no doubt that Oregon has a superior defense, and there is also no doubt that Oregon possesses perhaps a little bit more depth than USC. However, Bo Nix is the quarterback for Oregon, while Caleb Williams is the quarterback for Southern California.

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Usc Vs Utah Is Debatable, But Trojans Are Better Than Oregon
Usc Vs Utah Is Debatable, But Trojans Are Better Than Oregon

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The distance that separates Bo Nix and Caleb Williams is comparable in size to that of the Grand Canyon.

The only way that USC can finish in second place behind Oregon is if Bo Nix performs far better than expected in Eugene. It’s possible it will occur, but even if it does, you wouldn’t want to put your $20 bucks on that proposal, would you?

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