Oregon’s Avfuel, Neste, And Hillsboro Aviation Introduce Saf!

In partnership with Avfuel Corp. and Neste, the FBO gained the first business aviation footing for SAF in the state of Oregon this month as Hillsboro Aviation (KHIO) accepted its first load of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

According to Ryan McCartney, vice president, and chief operating officer of Hillsboro Aviation, “the Pacific Northwest is more than just where we work.” “Many of our team members reside there. Where we were raised by our parents’ choice. And the places we decide to bring up our families. Our company’s and team’s Oregon roots mean we’re committed to doing what’s best for the environment and, by extension, what’s best for our team, our customers, and our community. Our crew takes great pride in being the first FBO to welcome SAF supplies to Oregon.

According to Keith Sawyer, manager of alternative fuels at Avfuel, “Oregon has been a trailblazing state for clean air legislative initiatives.” “In addition, Portland’s Hillsboro Aviation’s staff members are fervent environmentalists, which made them the ideal first FBO partner to develop SAF supplies in the state. In our tireless efforts to make SAF a viable choice in all of business aviation, we are grateful to its team for spearheading the SAF project in the Pacific Northwest.

The first 8,000-gallon shipment of SAF delivered to Hillsboro Aviation is just the start of the SAF journey at that facility. To ensure a steady supply of alternative fuel to better serve its environmentally conscious clients, the FBO worked with Avfuel and Neste.

Oregon's Avfuel, Neste, And Hillsboro Aviation Introduce Saf
Oregon’s Avfuel, Neste, And Hillsboro Aviation Introduce Saf

With one of the highest average blend ratios of SAF to petroleum-based jet fuel currently available in business aviation (30/70), Neste MY SAF decreases carbon emissions by 19 metric tonnes for every truckload over the course of its life. This reduction is appropriate for one of the cleanest states in the nation because it is equal to the carbon stored annually by 22.5 acres of U.S. woods.

The most successful method for lowering air travel’s carbon footprint is SAF. If utilized in its clean, concentrated form, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 80%* when compared to fossil jet fuel. It is a current solution that is used all over the world and is marketed.

Utilized cooking oil is just one example of the renewable waste and residual raw materials used to make Neste MY SAF. It is a fully authorized drop-in fuel that, when mixed with petroleum jet fuel, satisfies the performance requirements of ASTM D-1655 for conventional jet fuel. Because Neste MY SAF doesn’t call for any additional expenditures, alterations, or adjustments to aircraft, fuel distribution methods, or airport fuel storage tanks, it is the best option for directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from air travel.

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