Oregon Families Will Receive Hundreds Monthly Under Stimulus Measure

This week, more than 236,000 families in Oregon will each begin receiving a $600 payment as a result of a new state law designed to help low-wage employees.

People who resided in Oregon for the final six months of 2020 and claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit, tax relief for low-income workers, on their 2020 taxes will get direct deposits or paper checks. While married couples with three or more children earned less than $57,000, single people who claimed the credit made less than $16,000.

Before July 1, more than 136,000 Oregon taxpayers will have $600 put into their bank accounts, and over 99,000 more will get paper checks in the mail over the following week. Additionally, they will get letters outlining the payment.

Nearly $142 million will be distributed to low-income households overall. The initiative will enable those Oregonians to pay for necessities like groceries and rent, according to lawmakers who supported it.

Sen. Kathleen Taylor, a Democrat from Portland, said when the measure was passed, “While Oregon’s economy has recovered swiftly from the pandemic, we know this recovery was not felt the same across all of Oregon’s employees.”

Oregon Families Will Receive Hundreds Monthly Under Stimulus Measure

We have a crucial chance to assist in the fair restoration of our labor force by providing aid to low-wage earners and working families who are most in need.

The one-time payments coincide with a 40-year high in inflation. In May, state economists revealed that, after accounting for inflation, 80% of Oregon workers now make less money than they did before the outbreak.

The payments will aid rural communities in eastern and southern Oregon, where the average income is lower than in urban regions. According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, one in six taxpayers in the state qualified for the credit. The rates range from 9% in Washington to 23% in Malheur County.

The state’s contributions to low-wage workers come after three federal stimulus grants totaling $3,200 during the Covid epidemic in 2020 and early 2021, with additional payments for dependents.

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