Japanese PM Urges Public To Drink Wine And Government’s Mission

The Japanese government must encourage young people to engage in behaviors that were commonplace among their elder generations, such as drinking and getting married.
The Japanese government has had to make an appeal to teenagers aged 20 to 39 to come up with creative ways to promote drinking among their peers in an effort to increase tax income. The “Sake Viva!” marketing campaign aims to increase consumer demand for Japanese sake (rice wine), shochu, whisky, beer, or wine.

Why does Japan encourage young people to drink alcohol?

The reason Japan chose to encourage youth to drink more alcohol is now an issue that begs the question. According to reports, the government is attempting to raise tax revenue by initiating the campaign.

According to data from the Japanese tax agency, consumers consumed an average of 100 liters of alcohol per adult annually in 1995, but by 2020, that number had dropped to just 75 liters. Since individuals have been drinking less over time, the tax revenue from alcohol sales has also decreased. According to a BBC study, it went from 5% in 1980 to just 1.7% in 2020.

On the campaign’s website, participants are encouraged to submit ideas for “new services and promotion methods to stimulate demand among young people, products and designs based on new lifestyles and changes in tastes due to the Corona Crisis, new sales methods utilizing AI and Metaverse, improving the brand value of alcoholic beverages using geographical indications (GI), etc.”
The final presentation of the concepts will take place in Tokyo in November, and entries for this “competition” are accepted until September 9th.

Why Don’t People Consume Alcohol?

In addition to the fact that bars and restaurants had to close during the peak of the pandemic, which resulted in a significant loss of patrons, it is thought that certain lifestyle and spending habits changes during the Covid-19 lockdown had moved the youth away from drinking recreationally.

The ability to work from home may have lessened after-work drinking gatherings with friends and coworkers. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, home drinking increased dramatically while alternatives for drinking in public decreased.

Japan’s declining drinking capacity can also be attributed to an aging population. The World Bank estimates that seniors aged 65 or over make up about 29% of the Japanese population. Not only is the population that could have a few drinks with pals dwindling, but they also don’t seem to be interested in drinking at all.

Japanese PM Urges Public To Drink Wine
In their 40s to 60s, 30% of people drink regularly, defined as three or more days per week, according to a CNN article citing Economy Ministry data, but only 7.8% of people in their 20s do the same.

The alcohol sector is being constrained by an aging population and a declining population because Japan has one of the lowest birth rates.

Government’s Improbable Mission

Opinions on the alcohol advertising effort are split. Others have already begun sending in entries to promote drinking, despite some criticizing the government’s “irresponsible” proposal to promote a destructive habit.
The Japanese government has frequently been forced to step in on issues that are extremely personal to the people, like marriage.

The government said in 2020 that it would local governments that were managing matchmaking services for its inhabitants, a year after the number of births in Japan reached a record low of 865,000. Some municipal governments also upgraded their systems that year to better use artificial intelligence to match people based on interests and values, in addition to age and wealth.

Due to a shrinking workforce and the potential shortage of caretakers for the expected rise in old people, Japan is attempting to increase its population.

The National Tax Agency, which has stated that it does not advocate excessive drinking but only just enough to fuel the economy, wants to act because it is in the best interest of the Japanese economy.

Why Does Japan Encourage Youth Alcohol Drinking?

It is difficult to conceive that any government, especially one that represents a young adult population, would advocate for alcohol usage among its inhabitants. You might not believe it, but Japan has started a push to encourage alcohol use across the nation.

However, according to medical professionals, alcohol is largely to blame for a number of health problems. To maintain good health and fitness, they advise against drinking alcohol.

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