Little Leaguers Race Red Sox And Orioles Cardboard!

Eovaldi and Schreiber used sliders without pitching. Red Sox pitchers grabbed flattened cardboard and slid down the Little League World Series outfield hill.

Brandon Hyde raced his 14-year-old son in a cardboard challenge. Hyde laughed. I wanted to try it after seeing others do it. When will you return? Hyde won the father-son tournament.

He said, β€œSome more mass.” On a sunny Sunday morning, the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles mingled with Little League stars from around the globe.

After hours, the cardboard was trashed. Red Sox and Orioles needed a raft to play in the rain. Instead of starting lineups, weather warnings flashed.

The Red Sox and Orioles played the MLB Little League Classic at 2,366-seat Historic Bowman Field on Sunday night. President George W. Bush shook hands with Orioles players in front of the dugout and afterward went into the seats to meet the Little Leaguers and their families that made up the attendance.

The Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies will play on Aug. 20, 2023. Phillies vs. Mets, 2018. Nick Pivetta took the loss for the Phillies and started for the Red Sox on Sunday night.

After playing Saturday at Camden Yards, the Orioles and Red Sox were met Sunday morning at the airport by cheerful Little Leaguers. They signed autographs β€” even 12-year-olds β€” and watched early Little League World Series games.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora hailed a meeting with his home Puerto Rico’s Little League squad as β€œa terrific experience.” Yes, Cora dove headfirst onto the cardboard and slid down the hill with his cap backward. He sat in a handmade race car with a Puerto Rico Little League squad.

Most Orioles had Little League photographs at their locker in the tiny Williamsport Crosscutters clubhouse.

Who was the No. 8 Oriole who ran to first in football cleats after a swing?

Ripken Jr.?

Try Orioles outfielder Austin Hays, who wore the uniform in Florida Little League. Hays easily found the retro photo on his grandmother’s refrigerator.

Hays said he would have loved this as a child. Not many kids reach the Little League World Series. They can meet baseball stars now. A lucky few raced O’s.

Little Leaguers Race Red Sox And Orioles Cardboard
Little Leaguers Race Red Sox And Orioles Cardboard

I got halfway. “Cardboard fell off,” Hays said. The kid I was racing fell off his. I ran back up, hopped on mine, and he tried to go down without his, so I won by disqualification.

Some big leaguers weren’t Williamsport rookies. Former Red Sox star Jason Varitek, now Boston’s game-planning coordinator, led Altamonte Springs to the 1984 U.S. championship. Varitek gives today’s Little Leagues the same advice he got 38 years ago.

“Enjoy the moment, the atmosphere, trade pins,” Varitek said before Sunday’s game. Meet global players. Give your all. “Enjoy where you are.

$7 hot dogs at the concession stand β€” only a buck at your local Little League field β€” and poker chips stacked during the clubhouse card game showed this was a major league experience for pint-sized players.

The Little League Classic is MLB’s latest attempt to attract new fans and rekindle lapsed ones. MLB’s second “Field of Dreams” game last week was in Dyersville, Iowa. This was the most-watched regular-season baseball game on any network this year.

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