Galaxy-X – Announce Trailer | PS4 Games: Plot, Opereating Platforms, And More!

Galaxy-X: The only 3D spherical space shooter game of its sort is called Galaxy-X.

  • Boasting 7 exquisite Worlds
  • Distinctive Spheric gameplay
  • Stunning HD graphics
  • Use of four different types of lasers
  • An incredible electronic SOUNDTRACK
  • Official Audio Logs from the incredible History of NASA!
Galaxy-X - Announce Trailer PS4 Games
Galaxy-X – Announce Trailer PS4 Games

Galaxy-X – Announce Trailer | PS4 Games Plot

A hostile extraterrestrial race known as “CYRONS” has spread its contaminated spores over the galaxy. The atmosphere of the earth is being infected by these spores with a lethal virus that kills the majority of human life.

You have been assigned the mission of destroying these extraterrestrial spores before they reach the atmosphere as STARLITE Agent 352, an elite space fighter.

Agent 352, you have entire worlds depending on you; don’t fail them.

Galaxy-X -Trailer

Here, you can refresh your mind with Galaxy-X-Trailer by clicking on youtube. We expect that the game will be more interesting when it will available.

How is the video game Galaxy X?

We’d prefer not to become engaged because Galaxy X is currently a relatively unknown video game. There are hundreds of new games released every day, and our editors haven’t had the time to fully research Galaxy X.

We will of course provide a thorough analysis and a recommendation on whether or not you should play the game if it continues to gain popularity over the upcoming months. However, for the time being, all we can say is that Galaxy X is a niche game; play it for yourself and form your own judgment; we hope you enjoy it!

Is Galaxy-X video game provide a multiplayer option?

No, as far as we are aware, Galaxy X does not include a multiplayer mode. Instead, you will need to share a controller and play alternately. We anticipate that a future update, a remake, or possibly a sequel will include a multiplayer mode.

How many platforms support Galaxy-X?

At the moment only PCs are compatible with the game Galaxy X. (Microsoft Windows).

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