Hillsboro Police Shoot, Wound Suspected Officer Attacker!

A man accused of jumping one of Hillsboro police officers was shot and injured while he was walking to his parked car on a street close to the police station.

Gunshot wounds to the suspected attacker are being treated. It is uncertain how he is doing. Though not shot, the cop was receiving medical attention for an unidentified injury.

According to witnesses, the Hillsboro Authorities Department’s north end was the location of the officer’s 1 p.m. attack, according to police. It seemed that no one had triggered the attack.

Living across the street from the police station, Tina White said her daughter initially thought she had heard a car sputtering before she heard three gunshots. White and her daughter watched cops urgently performing CPR on a man on the ground before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital as soon as they stepped outside into the backyard.

Officers were frantically racing around, according to White. For at least five minutes, they had to have been performing CPR.

According to her, several police officers hopped into the ambulance with the man. The investigation has been taken over by the Major Crime Team of Washington County.

Hillsboro Police Shoot, Wound Suspected Officer Attacker
Hillsboro Police Shoot, Wound Suspected Officer Attacker

The gunshot shut down neighboring streets for hours and stopped the MAX train at Southeast 10th Avenue and Washington Street. By early evening, they were reopened.

In the parking area of the police station, a Hillsboro officer shot an armed guy in 2019. He had been following a stranger while driving. Because he was concerned for his safety, the stranger had driven to the department. When Jason Livengood, 39, resisted orders to put his gun down, an officer shot him, according to authorities.

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