Oregon’s Northern Lights Are Back! (Latest News)

In north-central Oregon, it’s time to celebrate! In the upcoming days, we might get another chance to see the stunning northern lights.

From August 17–19, 2022, a geomagnetic storm watch is expected to be in effect, according to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. This could indicate that the aurora will go far enough south to be visible locally. In northern Oregon, we do occasionally have the chance to observe these northern lights.

The results of the forecast, however, are rarely accurate in the night sky. You’ll need to set aside some time to travel outside the city and up to a potential viewing point.

What makes this event unique? A G3 storm “has the potential to drive the aurora further away from its regular pole residence, and if other elements come into play, the aurora might be observed over sections of Pennsylvania, Iowa, to northern Oregon,” according to the space weather prediction center.

Oregon's Northern Lights Are Back
Oregon’s Northern Lights Are Back

Late Wednesday night into early Thursday will be your greatest opportunity to witness these. For the forecast, open sky conditions ought to be fairly favorable.

You may trace the course of the particles that enter the earth and contribute to this breathtaking visual experience by moving your cursor from left to right in the graphic.

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