Windows 10 And Chrome Will Make Browser Switching Easier (Latest News)

Microsoft is forcing people to use the Microsoft Edge browser beyond their desire and significantly damaged its reputation. However, perhaps those times are coming to an end. Check out this GIF from Leopeva64, which has the 2H22 upgrade to Windows 10 installed along with a future version of Google’s Chrome web browser, for a potential glimpse into the future.

You can see how the earlier Windows 10 is even simpler than that. As of this March, changing your default browser on Windows 11 only required a few clicks in a settings panel.

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Additionally, you can clearly just click the pop-up in the browser itself (in this case, Chrome Dev version 106.0.5231.2) to set it immediately with the Chrome and Windows 10 22H2 upgrades. That would be a welcome addition to Windows 11, as well.

We might be approaching a new era where browsers can compete on their own merits as opposed to pleading or pushing you about, especially if you take into account the fact that competing browsers like Firefox and Opera already offer the same type of one-click, in-browser default app change. Simply click to switch browsers as frequently as you’d like until you find the one you prefer.

Windows 10 And Chrome Will Make Browser Switching Easier
Windows 10 And Chrome Will Make Browser Switching Easier

I wouldn’t necessarily bank on that, given Microsoft isn’t the only company that manufactures prompt-heavy browsers. Furthermore, it’s unclear whether Windows 11 will support this one-touch capability at all. When my colleague Sheon tried it with the 22H2 upgrade (you may install the release preview since June), it did nothing but push him into the settings menu. On Windows 11 21H2, it didn’t function for me either.

According to Google’s FAQ, Chrome Dev is normally nine to twelve weeks ahead of the stable version of Chrome. In September, Windows 11 22H2 will launch, according to Tom’s sources. This fall, Windows 10 22H2 should also become available.

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