Myles Jackson Talks Oregon Visit, Recruitment (Latest News)

After receiving linebacker Jerry Mixon Jr.’s commitment, Oregon’s recruitment is in full flow. The Ducks also signed quarterback Dante Moore, who was ranked as the No. 1 recruit by SI All-American earlier this summer.

The crew is already moving on to the 2024s, the class of the next year, in pursuit of a new signal caller. Myles Jackson, the quarterback for Long Beach Millikan in California, is one prospect they have so far loved.

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound quarterback discussed the most recent developments in his recruitment, which also included a recent trip to Eugene, with Ducks Digest. Jackson has received 20 reported offers and is still getting a sense of the schools that are interested in him.

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He affirmed that he was being patient in response to that. “I want to wait until this season is over before deciding where I want to go. But I’m really open right now. I’m just texting every school to see where I want to attend.

Jackson is still trying to make contacts and meet athletes in a college football environment that is changing quickly.

Everything is undoubtedly moving quickly. With the COVID year, I have the impression that our year is progressing more quickly than before. Just going slowly with my recruiting is important to me, but it’s also crucial for me to get to know the coaches.

Myles Jackson Talks Oregon Visit, Recruitment
Myles Jackson Talks Oregon Visit, Recruitment

“Visit the university, wherever it may be, look it over, and chat with the students. I value education a much. I simply want to go to a place where I can obtain the best education and start playing baseball as soon as feasible.

Even though he’s taking things slowly, he’s one of the most well-traveled recruits you’ll come across, having made multiple trips over the course of the spring and summer.

“I traveled a lot in the spring. I visited Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, and Arizona State. The following summer, I visited Oregon, USC, UCLA, Stanford, and Georgia once again.

Jackson has one friend that is really sticking out so far, especially given that his trip to Oregon is scheduled for the end of July.

“I love Oregon a lot. There, I have an extremely close relationship with the offensive coordinator. He said, “I truly admire what he’s got going on. “Since he’s new to Oregon, I’m eager to see what he can accomplish this year. I appreciate our relationship a lot.

Jackson described the young man as being very approachable despite his youth. “He’s a person, and every time I talk to him, he just makes it simple. I really appreciate the way he coaches and the way he teaches, and I liked watching meetings throughout my stay. I appreciate how he makes it enjoyable for the guys. I’m a big fan of energy, so I really appreciate it.

He elaborated on the aspects of his journey to see the Ducks that stood out.

“Eugene is a lovely place. The facilities are undoubtedly the best in the nation, and I like Coach Lanning. He’s a genuinely decent guy, in my opinion. Just recently being up there, they made me feel like family, which is really important to me. I enjoy Oregon a lot.

I absolutely want to grow and learn under a coach and in an offense, he declared. “I also think it’s crucial to me to enter an offensive that really converts to the next level.”

He has a few more excursions he’d want to take if things start to pick up again, but we’re currently in another dead phase.

Although I don’t currently have anything planned, I want to visit Oregon, Washington, several local universities, LSU, or Georgia, two of the larger institutions I’ve been in touch with.

The junior quarterback claims that among other schools, he communicates with Oregon, USC, UCLA, LSU, UW, Rutgers, Utah, and BYU the most.

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