Hillsboro: Dieb Enterprises Celebrates 40 Years In Business (Latest News)

Dieb Enterprises in the Hillsboro region, which marked its 40th anniversary in July, combines the greatest aspects of a big business with a small business, according to co-owner Debbie Politte.

The company was established by their father, Charles Cross, in 1982, and is now owned by Politte and her sister, Diane Hunter. The business is based at 9334 Highway BB and remanufactures payment systems, fountain gear, brewers, and machine boards. Hunter resides in Bullhead City, Arizona, whereas Politte is a resident of Hillsboro.

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Ruth Cross, our mother, is still a board member, Politte added. She resides in Hillsboro as well.

She remarked, “We began with three people. We maintained the small-family environment as we grew, and today, we are a $13 million company with over 90 workers.

According to Politte, the business aims to satisfy its consumers while adapting to the times.

The other issue, she added, is our client service. “Our strength is that. We adjust to the economy and to our customers.

Dieb Enterprises Celebrates 40 Years In Business
Dieb Enterprises Celebrates 40 Years In Business

Dieb Enterprises, according to Politte, is thrilled to be a part of the Hillsboro neighborhood.

She recalled that the Huskey family farm once included our land. They were the region of Hillsboro’s first white settlers.

As a premier service provider or partner, Dieb Enterprises works with companies including CPI, Conlux, Sodeco, Currenza, TriTeq, Keurig, Bunn, and Crane. It has grown over time to include the gaming, transit, and kiosk businesses.

According to Politte, “when my father founded the business, he left a huge corporation he had worked for for 27 years.” He understood the benefits of a large firm and retained them while keeping the drawbacks, such as red tape, in check.

According to Politte, Dieb Enterprises has grown over the years with the aid of this business model.

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