2 Teens Wounded At Six Flags Shooting; ‘There Was A Panic’ (Latest News)

Aisha Tahir observed things scattered in the food hut’s kitchen after a long day at Six Flags Great America. People hid under windows. A shooter shot two individuals in Gurnee’s amusement park parking lot Sunday night.

“The hysteria made us think the shooter was nearby. When cops entered the park, we feared the shooter was inside,” a Kenosha resident claimed. Gunfire Hundreds of park visitors were terrified by the gunfire. Many fled to the shooting spot. Others jumped fences and broke exit gates to flee.

Police say gunshots hit a 17-year-old kid in the upper thigh and a 19-year-old lady in the lower leg. Both shooting victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released Sunday night, police said. A third shoulder-injured sufferer denied treatment.

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Tahir noticed people rushing and yelling about the shooter after observing visitors seeking refuge at the funnel cake shop. Her family hid in a bathroom until an employee escorted them out 20 minutes later. Her kids hid as she lied. She said fireworks caused the commotion. The youngsters heard gunshots.

Tahir is concerned about the upcoming school year. She stated nowhere is safe. The 32-year-old mother had talked with her children about a school shooting. She emphasized they must be prepared.

“I’m powerless. She remarked, “I don’t know how to convince lawmakers to cease gun violence.”

A white vehicle entered Six Flags’ parking lot at about 7:50 p.m. and headed for the entrance. Gurnee police reported more than one person exited the automobile “and began shooting” Gurnee police say that after firing multiple times, the suspects fled in a white vehicle.

Police noted, “There was no active shooter in the park.” Eddie Cardenas was with his fiancee and kids when his mother-in-law called. She left the park to start cooking.

2 Teens Wounded At Six Flags Shooting
2 Teens Wounded At Six Flags Shooting

“Don’t leave the park. Someone’s shooting. Someone’s shooting. She cried into the phone after seeing the shooting. Cardenas and his fiancΓ©e planned after hearing the news. Cardenas said dozens began fleeing.

“Shooter!” Shooter! “Shooter!” he heard.

The couple ran with their 7-year-old, 5-year-old, and 5-month-old children. They hid behind the Raging Bull steel coaster and then took off again.

Cardenas tossed their slow stroller and hoisted his 5-year-old on his shoulder. His fiancee left a purse. His 7-year-old rushed ahead and became lost. Cardenas witnessed armed police. People yelled and pulled kids in a video he provided with the Tribune.

Cardenas reassembled with 30 family members outside the park. He noticed uncles waiting for their teens, who had gone on rides.

Joliet 30-year-old: “We didn’t know” “There was chaos.” His 7-year-old wouldn’t go back to Six Flags.

Monday morning, his 5-year-old tossed away his toy firearms. “These aren’t toys,” he reportedly told his parents. His wife ordered 5-pound backpack protectors for their soon-to-return-to-school children.

The family prayed in a car after the shooting. Cardenas’ child praised God the family wasn’t killed.

“It’s scary that our 5- and 7-year-olds have to worry about gunshots and dying. He said, β€œIt’s a scary world.”

A Six Flags representative said the park is protected by security cameras inside and in the parking lot. Uniformed and plainclothes patrols watch the park, which has a Gurnee Police Department substation on site. Six Flags devotes time, expertise, and resources to safety and security, a representative said.

Inside and outside the park, precautionary measures are in place to protect tourists and staff. We’re grateful to our team members who acted professionally to care for our customers and to the Gurnee Police Department for their commitment to Six Flags Great America,” Kendziora added.

Great America is 18 miles from Highland Park, where a shooter killed seven and injured scores at a Fourth of July parade.

The incident happened aboard Tane Walker’s parade float. On Sunday, he departed Six Flags before north Chicago suburb crowds fled gun violence this summer. Gurnee police say the shooting was not random and targeted. Gurnee police spokesperson Shawn Gaylor said no arrests were made as of Monday

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