Can’t Allow China’s ‘New Normal’ Over Taiwan, Says Nancy Pelosi (Latest News)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has argued that the US just cannot stand by and allow China to create a “new normal” in which pressure is applied to Taiwan through the kinds of military exercises and warplane incursions that Beijing began after she visited the autonomous island.

China declared on Wednesday that its week-long, unprecedented military exercises that have practically surrounded Taiwan had been “successfully finished.”

Initially, Pelosi, the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan in 25 years, left Taipei the day after high-level meetings when the People’s Liberation Army announced the war games in the bustling Taiwan Strait from August 4 to 7. Later, it continued to extend them, keeping the breakaway island on edge.

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“What we saw with China is that they were trying to establish sort of a new normal. And we just can’t let that happen,” Pelosi told a news conference on Wednesday, referring to the provocative drills.

Numerous naval vessels, including an aircraft carrier group with a nuclear submarine in tow, and hundreds of bombers participated in the Chinese military drills, which took place in the bustling Taiwan Strait despite claims by the official media that such war games will become the new normal.

Beijing was enraged by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan because it sees Taiwan as a separatist province that should be brought back into the fold, by any means necessary.

China has been charged with practicing an invasion during the latest drills, according to Taiwan.

β€œWe didn’t go there to talk about China. We went there to praise Taiwan. And we went there to show our friendship to say, β€˜China cannot isolate Taiwan,’” Pelosi asserted during the news conference on Wednesday after her trip to Asia.

“The visit delivered a clear statement that America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific is unshakeable,” Pelosi noted.

Can't Allow China's 'New Normal' Over Taiwan, Says Nancy Pelosi
Can’t Allow China’s ‘New Normal’ Over Taiwan, Says Nancy Pelosi

In light of China’s increasing military activity in the resource-rich region, the US and other major nations have been discussing the necessity to guarantee a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam all have territorial claims to portions of the South China Sea, which China claims to be their virtually entire territory. In the South China Sea, Beijing has erected artificial isles and military outposts. In the East China Sea, China and Japan are engaged in a territorial dispute.

Pelosi stated that the main topics of her bilateral discussions with the president were taking advantage of opportunities and tackling shared problems, such as maintaining democracy in the face of autocracy, promoting strong economic growth, including through the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and in governance, and dealing with the COVID-19 and climate crisis.

Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, according to Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, demonstrated that the US would support its friends and allies despite anything Chinese President Xi Jinping might say.

At the press briefing was Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, an Indian-American who traveled to Taiwan with the congressional group.

The delegation, according to him, talked about the backlog of uncompleted military shipments to Taiwan.

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