Xbox Friends List: Why Did All of My Xbox Friends Disappear?

Xbox Friends List: The ability to play video games with others online is a major draw for people to join up for an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

The procedure is simple in most cases. To invite a buddy to play, players need to start up their game of choice and look through their contact list.

At the time of this writing, a large number of Xbox players have reported being unable to access their friend’s list.

On Wednesday, August 10, Xbox One and Xbox Series X customers began complaining about being unable to view their friend list.

The troubles appeared a few hours ago and still persist, however, Xbox Support has confirmed that a fix is on the way.

It is currently unknown when the issue will be fixed, but Xbox players can presumably regain full access to their friend list soon.

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Gamerant Video of the Day

It seems that users are experiencing Xbox friend list issues in several ways. Some people have a completely blank friends list that they can’t seem to add anyone to.

A subset of their friend’s list is visible to others, but the whole list is hidden. Despite widespread conjecture, it seems likely that this is due to Xbox’s servers being down.

Problems With Xbox 360 Friend List

While it’s unfortunate that some Xbox owners are having trouble accessing their friend lists, it appears like Xbox Live is running smoothly otherwise.

Xbox Live has had complete outages in the past, leaving users unable to not only access their friend’s list but also play any games online.

It appears that Xbox players can participate in online play at the moment, albeit without access to their full friend list.

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