Nintendo Direct: Splatoon 3 Updates

Splatoon 3 will bring new weapons, levels, battle methods, accessories, and a collectible card game to Nintendo Switch in September.

Nintendo released a deep look into Splatoon 3 on Wednesday, outlining launch and post-release goodies. Here’s what Nintendo Direct revealed about Splatoon 3.


All previous Splatoon weapon types will remain for Splatoon 3, but there are at least two new additions: the bow-like Tri-Stinger that releases a spread blast of paint and can be charged up for a powerful shot, and the Splatana Wiper, a windshield wiper-like sword that sends out ink waves. Charged, it can deliver a tremendous slash.

Mid-battle special weapons are new. Tacticooler, a refrigerator stocked with stat-boosting drinks; Wave Breaker, a sonic emitter that delivers damage in a circular wave; Reefslider, a shark-shaped float that explodes and splatters ink everywhere.

Tenta Missiles, Inkjet, Ink Storm, Ultra Stamp, and Booyah Bomb return.

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Scorch Gorge, Eeltail Alley, Mincemeat Metalworks, and Undertow Spillway are new locations in Splatoon 3.

Museum alfonsino, Hammerhead Bridge, and Mahi-Mahi Resort will return. Nintendo promises 12 stages at launch, plus free updates.


Inklings and Octolings will have new looks in Splatoon 3. Naut Couture, managed by laidback nautilus Gnarly Eddy, sells hats, masks, and glasses.

Man o’ Wardrober, run by Jel la Fleur, sells blouses, T-shirts, and jackets. Mr. Coco’s Crush Station sells shoes, sandals, and slides. Murch will let you switch perks for equipment items.

Players can also customize their win emotes, Splashtag (a nameplate with backgrounds, titles, and badges), and in-game locker. Atlantis will sell customizing products and introduce new catalogs every few months.


Players may try out Splatoon 3’s new and returning weaponry in the Test Range or face a friend by using their hologram.

Memory Players can replay battles. In lobbies, users can modify their lockers or browse friends’ lockers.


Splatoon 3’s lobby has a card-based fight game. Splatoon 3 has 150 cards to gather and a deck-building mode. Every player gets a beginning deck.


Nintendo pledges two years of post-launch support for Splatoon 3, including new gear, guns, and maps. Future upgrades will feature X Battle and League Battle.

X Battle is unlocked after reaching a high level in Splatoon 3’s objective-based Anarchy Battle mode, and League Battle lets players compete every two hours in teams based on their Anarchy Battle results.


Splatfest will return with a three-team, three-theme twist hosted by Frye, Shiver, and Big Man. The first Splatoon 3 Splatfest will be held on Aug. 27.


Salmon Run, Splatoon’s Horde Mode, allows four players to capture Power Eggs from Salmonids. Salmon Run is now available in Splatoon 3, and players will confront the Slammin’ Lid and Big Shot. Cohozuna is a “super-giant King Salmonid.”

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