Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Dragon Ball Fighterz Was Evo 2022 Hyped Moment

Dragon Ball Fighter Z: This past weekend was EVO, short for the Evolution Championship Series. This year’s EVO has been more focused than ever on fighting games.

I witnessed an abundance of “hype moments,” ranging from incredible comebacks to unbeatable combos. It’s just what you’d hope for. However, there was one moment during the Dragon Ball FighterZ rounds that sent everybody absolutely bonkers.

In case you haven’t heard it before, the “Cell Cry” is the legendary opening yell that the franchise villain Cell makes during his debut scene, once both players have chosen their sides and Cell is in top form.

You can name that one. He’s peaking at the right time, accumulating energy as though about to unleash a Kamehameha on Teen Gohan.

The Cell Yell, as this scream is now known, has become a standard feature of DBFZ competitions, especially at EVO.

The Cell Yell, which became a fad at EVO 2018 and has since spread online, is performed whenever one of the series’ most infamous villains, Cell, is selected in a tournament. This is one of my all-time favorite “hype-ass” moments.

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You can only imagine the rumblings of disapproval from the EVO crowd this year when the Cell Yell was not played before LegendaryyPred and Shanks faced off.

A Resetera thread stated that the tournament had gone on for a few hours past its originally planned closing time of 1 a.m. P.T., with the DBFZ bouts still to come.

There was a noticeable lack of enthusiasm from the crowd, but when Shanks, Spain’s seventh best DBFZ player of all time, picked Cell, it was like someone had thrown a Senzu Bean at them and they suddenly sprang to life.

There were audible murmurs and boos from the crowd as the beautiful Cell Yell was cut short.

Perhaps the two competitors were getting restless as they entered the ring. However, LegendaryyPred and Shanks realized the opportunity presented itself, and they returned to the character choice screen to let the intros rock. Finally, everyone got to do the Cell Yell together, which had been a long-awaited highlight.

Just hear that roaring! It’s great to see supporters coming together like this before what promises to be a hella amazing, albeit hella short, clash.

Particularly poignant is the timing of The Cell Yell, as many conventions and in-person events have been postponed or canceled over the past few years owing to the seemingly endless pandemic.

Some people right now need a place to get together, preferably behind masks, and scream along with Cell. Yelling is necessary at times. We at Kotaku would like to hear from Shanks on this.

LegendaryyPred defeated Shanks in the end. Actually, Shanks was eliminated early in the tournament and finished in a tie for seventh place with American Zane.

While Fenritti placed fourth, LegendaryyPred finished in fifth place. It probably won’t come as a huge shock to learn that Wawa won this year’s Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO tournament.

Those who have been keeping up with Wawa’s recent games will attest to the fact that he is currently goated.

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