What is the deal with VivziePop? What animation does VivziePop use?

Vivienne Medrano is a well-known artist and animator, and she goes by the online moniker VivziePop. In the past, she used to go by the name Vivzmind. Her webcomic Zoophobia as well as her animations Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss have brought her a lot of attention online.

She has been a member of DeviantArt for a very long time, and she rose to prominence on the platform at a young age under the guise of her pseudonym Vivzmind, but she has been quiet on the platform for some time now.

What is the deal with VivziePop? What animation does VivziePop use?
What is the deal with VivziePop? What animation does VivziePop use?

Patreon provides a significant portion of the financial support for Medrano’s work, and her commissions on social media platforms such as Twitter fetch a high price. Viv attended classes at the School of Visual Arts and received her diploma in the year 2014. In 2012, she launched a furry comic titled Zoophobia, which quickly attracted a sizeable fanbase of dedicated readers.

Since November 2016, it has been on pause for an unknown amount of time. In 2014, she gave birth to the character JayJay by introducing the world to her music video for the song “Die Young.”

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Viv provided the voice of “Sara with an H” on “Too Loud” as well as other extra voices, replacing cartoonist Julie Vickerman when the production of Twelve Forever made a recording for a program a scheduling difficulty. In addition to animation, Viv gave the voice of “Sara with an H”

What is the deal with VivziePop?

Many false accusations against Viv have been leveled at her, including that she has shown support for blackface and transphobic joke makers as well as that she has depicted underage sexual activity in a teacher-student setting. The same charges have been leveled against her as well.

What animation does VivziePop use?

The animation software used by the channels run by Howard Simshurst and Vivziepop on YouTube is called TVPaint Animation. Because both Howard Simshurst and Vivziepop use this animation software to create the videos for their respective YouTube channels, you may already be familiar with it if you are a big fan of either of those YouTube channels.

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