Police Shoot, Arrest 4 Gunmen Who Opened Fire At Party (Latest News)

Plainclothes A firefight broke out between New York City detectives outside of a party in the borough of Queens. During the exchange, there were gunshot wounds suffered by a total of four suspects, including two juveniles.

Late on Friday night, shots were fired in a peaceful neighborhood in Queens, where officers from the New York City Police Department were actively working to avoid further gun violence. According to the police, officers of the Violent Crime Squad discovered that local street crews were aware of a gathering that had the potential to get violent.

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According to witnesses, the party was primarily for young adults and may have been organized as a farewell for someone who was going off to college.

Around 11:30 p.m., plainclothes detectives were sitting in an unmarked car close to the party when they saw a group of guys approach the intersection and pull out firearms.

According to the Chief of Patrol for the New York City Police Department, Jeff Maddrey, “There were around 75 to 100 people at this party, and now you have a bunch of males firing into this group, into this group of people who were partying.”

According to the police, investigators saw that danger was about to strike and exchanged gunfire with the suspects. As a result, four of the suspects were injured before they were taken into custody. The ages of the suspects ranged from 16 to 24. There were four of them. At least two of them have a history of criminal activity.

The incident led to the recovery of three firearms, and the police have stated that it exemplifies “how gun violence continues to beleaguer our neighborhoods.”

Police Shoot, Arrest 4 Gunmen Who Opened Fire At Party
Police Shoot, Arrest 4 Gunmen Who Opened Fire At Party

“Again, I beg people of our community that it is so vital to work together with your policy so that we can put a stop to this gun violence,” Maddrey said. “It’s very important for us to be able to put an end to this gun violence.”

He urged members of the public to get help when they see something that looks like it could turn violent.

The event did not result in any injuries for any of the NYPD officers who were engaged. During the investigation into the shooting that included an officer, they will be handed administrative responsibilities.

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