Columbia County Taking “shared Responsibility” Approach To School Safety (Latest News)

Parents are concerned about the safety of their children attending school, we thought it would be helpful to share how the Columbia County School District is getting ready for the upcoming school year. Classes will resume on Thursday.

The terrible event occurred in Uvalde, Texas, at the close of the previous school year. At this time, the Columbia County Schools are reaching out to the community and parents to get their assistance in preventing a situation similar to the one described above.

Associate Superintendent Penny Jackson told FOX54 that keeping students safe at school takes a collaborative approach.

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“This year, we are placing a greater emphasis on a shared duty, and this is not just in the schools between the kids and the staff members, but it is also among the community,”

Jackson brings to our attention that the school safety concept extends beyond the buildings’ confines.

She explains that the problem is not limited to “active shooters” alone. “It’s about having a heightened awareness of safety in general. Locking all of our doors, including the doors leading into the school building, and not propping them open in any way.

In addition, ensuring that we follow the protocols, we’ve established for when we’re waiting at the bus stop or driving around campus. Or, for members of the community, when they approach a crosswalk, keep in mind that students may occasionally be walking around in the dark.

In reaction to incidents of violence in schools across the country, Columbia County has announced that it would implement measures to increase school safety. According to Jackson, “we are going over to having our police department this year.”

This is in addition to the safety measures that are already in place. According to Jackson, every school has a safety resource officer, and the high schools have two police assigned to them individually.

Regarding ensuring the school is a safe student environment, support workers are also expected to demonstrate diligence.

“We even told our nutrition workers and bus drivers,” says Jackson, “that if they see something a little strange at a bus stop or going through the lunch line that they need to report, nothing is too minor.” “We even told our nutrition workers and bus drivers,” says Jackson, “that if they see something a little strange at a bus stop or going through the

According to Jackson, students themselves play an essential part in ensuring the safety of their schools.

“When [students] do see something, whether in a toilet or at a baseball, it’s important for them not to be hesitant to say something, even if they have to do it anonymously to get it reported,” the speaker said. “[Students] should not be afraid to say something.”

Jackson urges parents to keep open communication with their children’s schools and their children.

She explains that “communication with parents is certainly something we attempt to do frequently.” “Just having those talks, becoming informed on the topic, and just ensuring [parents] that while are at school, they are in our care, and we take that very seriously,”

According to Jackson, if students, parents, or instructors have any concerns regarding their safety, they should get in touch with the school’s authorities or the local law enforcement as soon as possible.

Columbia County Taking “shared Responsibility” Approach To School Safety
Columbia County Taking “shared Responsibility” Approach To School Safety.

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