Amid Crime, Small Businesses Still Struggle In Portland (Latest News)

The pandemic and the fact that they now have to suffer break-ins are making things worse for some owners of local businesses.

The proprietor of the Hello India restaurant located at 35th Avenue and Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard claims that burglars went into her business a few weeks ago and stole all of her devices, cash, booze, serving trays, and even the to-go boxes.

“At that moment, you can’t imagine, I was standing in the main hall, and I was crying. Now I feel like, when you make your house, it is not my restaurant, I don’t feel like it is my restaurant, it is my home to me,” said Mehar Ali, the owner of Hello India.

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She claimed that she contacted the authorities as soon as she became aware of the burglary.

“Immediately, I tried to give a call to the police, that was the first thing that I did, I called the police, but they were so busy,” said Ali. She stated that an officer did in fact show up at some point to compile a report.

We reached out to the Portland Police Bureau, and they informed us that they are not aware of any particular organization that may be targeting these businesses. However, they are aware that some criminals will commit multiple crimes, which is why it is imperative for business owners to report any incidents that occur.

Ali remarked that the recent years have been very eventful.

“Coming back from COVID was very, very difficult. On top of that, this kind of activity, will make either you have to shut the door or to survive backup support good,” said Ali.

Amid Crime, Small Businesses Still Struggle In Portland
Amid Crime, Small Businesses Still Struggle In Portland

She expressed her optimism that the community will support her by patronizing her business and placing orders for her meals.

After reading a post on social media about the break-in, several of her customers, with whom we spoke, have expressed their support for her.

“I’m going to give my best. My guests are my family, and I pledge with my family to cooperate with me at this moment, help me out,” said Ali.

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