Jackson County Female Sheriff Janis Mangum Won’t Run In 2023 (Latest News)

When Janis Mangum, the sheriff of Jackson County, picked up the phone on Wednesday morning, she confirmed the information provided concerning her future.

“December 31, 2024, will be my last day,” she quickly said.

Mangum, a seasoned law enforcement officer who has held the position of sheriff since her election in 2012, announced she won’t seek reelection the following year.

“I’ve worked in this industry for more than half of my life. I’m happy with the choice I made and feel at peace with it. I’ll miss it, though,” she added.

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Mangum was the first female sheriff to be elected in Jackson County and just the second in the state of Georgia overall. In the 159 counties of the state, men have traditionally held the majority of elected positions, but in 2020, an African-American woman was elected sheriff of Taliaferro County.

Mangum started out her career as a dispatcher and will have worked in law enforcement for a total of 39 years when she retires. She was also the first female deputy in Jackson County assigned to road patrol under the late sheriff Stan Evans.

She stated, “I really believe sometimes you just know when it’s time to go on.”

Mangum mentioned a few of the current challenges facing the position, such as personnel. But she also had a personal tragedy during her reign, which had an impact. Deputy Lena Marshall was shot while responding to a domestic incident on November 5, 2021. The cop, 49, passed away.

She admitted, “Lena’s loss took a toll on me. The hardest thing is that. I never imagined that I would have to experience that. Every day, I consider her offspring.

Additionally, she is aware that others may consider running for office as a result of her early announcement.

Captain Dale Dillow, the head of Mangum’s investigations, has already declared his intention to run.

Mangum predicted that they would emerge from hiding. Seven of us were present when I ran for the first time.

Mangum stood for re-election and did very well, winning with 87 percent of the vote in 2016 and 89 percent in 2020.

She says that by treating people properly, her elections have been successful.

“I worked a lot and was proud of my job. She claimed, “I never wanted to do anything that would make Sheriff Evans seem bad or tarnish my badge.

Mangum spent 19 years working in investigations, but he also worked in every other department of the sheriff’s office.

She resigned her position as a dispatcher for the Athens Regional Medical Center in 1985 to work for the sheriff’s office.

The radio operator had to book (arrestees), feed, and maintain a clean jail back then because there were no jailers, according to the speaker.

However, she gained knowledge while working as a dispatcher in those early years and interacting with the general people.

The sheriff recalled, “I remember that everyone has a need, and I was delighted to help individuals.

Jackson County Female Sheriff Janis Mangum Won't Run In 2023
Jackson County Female Sheriff Janis Mangum Won’t Run In 2023

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