Drawing A Line Somewhere: Columbia County Backtracks, Allows Body-Art Studio To Operate (Current News)

Two weeks after her desire to create tattoos was denied, Columbia County granted a body artist permission to open her workshop in Evans. This comes after her request to create tattoos was denied.

The Evans commercial strip currently occupied by Vogue Hair and Beauty Salon at 4150 Washington Road has been approved by a vote taken on Tuesday by the county’s Board of Commissioners. It has allowed Leeanne Usry Brow + Ink to offer specialized tattoo services from only two suites within the strip.

Permanent makeup is a tattoo that looks like it was placed temporarily, while micro-blading is a treatment in which pigmented strokes are given to the eyebrows to make them look like hair. Both of these procedures are performed by Usry.

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According to the submitted request, the commissioners first heard about Usry’s rezoning proposal on July 19. At that time, she was requesting that the commercial zoning status of Vogue be changed to include a conditional use for a “tattoo parlor.”

Usry told the commissioners on Tuesday that she felt “misunderstood” regarding her company after her request was denied. She had chosen not to address the commissioners at the previous meeting when she had the opportunity to do so.

According to her, the environment at Leeanne Usry Brow + Ink is unlike that of a traditional tattoo store. Most displayed tattoos were created with a single needle and are styled to look like detailed line drawings.

β€œI feel like my services do not fit in a tattoo parlor, and that is not what I’m asking for in my circumstance,” Usry said. With this license, she will be able to β€œprovide these services to women in a private setting that they are most comfortable in,” she said. β€œThis is a service for women, by women.” 

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