After Just One Round of Paxlovid Therapy, Biden has a Covid Rebound

Biden’s recent positive test result is an example of a rebound Covid-19 instance, which has occurred in some cases after persons take Paxlovid. Late Saturday morning, President Biden tested positive for Covid-19 again, according to the White House physician, who also noted that he is not showing any symptoms at the moment.

On Saturday, White House physician Kevin O’Connor announced that “the President has not suffered any reemergence of symptoms and is doing quite well,” according to a memo. We don’t see the need to restart treatment at this time, but we will keep a careful eye on the patient anyway.

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Covid-19 rebound cases have occurred in a few situations after persons have taken Paxlovid. Biden’s recent positive test is an example of this. Biden has postponed his immediate trip plans because he is feeling isolated at the White House. To support the chip funding measure, he had planned to meet with the first lady in Delaware on Sunday and travel early next week.

After Just One Round of Paxlovid Therapy, Biden has a Covid Rebound
After Just One Round of Paxlovid Therapy, Biden has a Covid Rebound

A White House official said that Obama “would not go to Delaware or Michigan” and that he was “isolating” himself in the White House. White House officials claimed they were “tracing contacts and will provide the number whenever we have it.” On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden tweeted about his health. People, I tested positive for COVID once more today.

Only a small percentage of people experience this. In the interest of everyone else’s well-being, even though I have no symptoms, I have decided to isolate myself. He tweeted, “I’m still working and will be on the road shortly.” A five-day course of Paxlovid antiviral medication from Pfizer and negative tests for COVID-19 on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning allowed Biden to leave his initial isolation last Wednesday.

The CDC advises patients to wear a mask for 10 days following a Covid infection, yet the president was not masked at public appearances at the conclusion of the week.Β  There was no danger to the president because he was more than six feet from other people, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The president had modest symptoms on the White House’s upper floors when he first tested positive for COVID one week ago Thursday. When the reappearance of symptoms was first reported in late May, the CDC issued a health advisory, noting that there had been no cases of serious disease as a result of this comeback.

The second course of Paxlovid, according to the FDA, is not essential to alleviate these symptoms, according to the agency’s findings. That hasn’t stopped some doctors from prescribing patients the second round of Paxlovid out of an abundance of caution, despite the risk. Fauci, the White House’s chief medical advisor, was given the antiviral after suffering a similar resurgence of symptoms, and he took two sessions of the medication.

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