Uuvalde Robb Elementary Principal Mandy Gutierrez

On Wednesday, Robb Elementary Principal Mandy Gutierrez responded to criticism of her management of school security before the shooting that claimed the lives of 19 students and 2 teachers.

At the center of this controversy is a legislative study that claims there is a “culture of non-compliance with safety standards” at the school, and in an exclusive interview with CNN, Gutierrez was questioned if she agreed with this claim.

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Not at all,Β  Gutierrez quickly responded. Every single instructor on that campus saw every notice as a possible escalation of the situation, she claimed. When Gutierrez learned that an armed guy had breached the school’s perimeter, she reportedly quickly ordered a lockdown via the Raptor app.

When questioned if she thought she should lose her job, she responded that she believed she had followed the instruction that had been provided to the best of her ability. “I feel that I followed the training that I was presented with to the best of my abilities.” “And for the rest of my life, I will question every decision that I make.”

Uuvalde Robb Elementary Principal Mandy Gutierrez
Uuvalde Robb Elementary Principal Mandy Gutierrez

Earlier this month, Col. Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, referred to the police reaction as an “abject failure.” He blamed Pedro “Pete” Arredondo, the police head of the affected school district, who has been named by authorities as the on-scene commander, for the inaction that allowed the shooter to escape.
Arredondo, who is currently on unpaid administrative leave, has stated that he did not see himself as the incident commander that day. When asked how angry she is by the delay in law police apprehending the shooter, Gutierrez responded that she is “not in a position to identify the fault.”

She explained that she did not work in law enforcement, thus she did not feel qualified to instruct police officers on how to execute their duties. It’s not like I can point fingers at anyone right now.
Further, Gutierrez stated, “Things outside my control, like the fact that I don’t get to vote on legislation, are the ones I’d point the finger at.

Therefore, it is not up to me to set the minimum age at which a person may legally purchase a handgun. I have no authority to limit a person’s access to firearms in any way, including the number of bullets they can buy. To what extent we have protection on campus is not within my purview.”

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