Chris Rock Finally Addresses That Will Smith Oscars Slap

Chris Rock is now speaking up about the incident that occurred at the Oscars in which he was slapped by Will Smith in front of a star-studded audience and in front of the world.

During a stand-up performance over the weekend, the comic, who responded with humor to the now-famous slap and chose not to seek charges against Smith, made a joke about the event. He also refused to press charges against Smith.

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Saturday saw Rock take the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He and Kevin Hart were co-headlining the Only Headliners Allowed comedy tour, which also featured Dave Chappelle as a special guest. Rock “made a joke about Will during a segment about ‘cancel culture,’ joking that “anyone who claims words hurt has never been hit in the face,” according to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight. Rock also joked that “anyone who thinks words hurt has never been punched in the face.”

Chris Rock Finally Addresses That Will Smith Oscars Slap
Chris Rock Finally Addresses That Will Smith Oscars Slap

This is the first time Rock has publicly addressed The Slap, though he had previously said he will be laughing about it soon. In late March of 2022, just days after the Academy Awards, Rock performed to a sold-out crowd at a local theatre.

How was your weekend?” the celebrity remarked while winking at the audience at the time. “I don’t have a lot to say about what took place, so if you come to hear that, I have an entire program that I wrote before this past weekend that you can see instead. I’m still trying to make sense of everything that took place. So, at some time in the future, I’m going to talk about that crap. And at the same time, it will be hilarious.”

Smith, on the other hand, has avoided the public eye since his inappropriate behavior at the Academy Awards, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expelled him from the organization.

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