Kelis Slams Pharrell Williams Over “Petty” Sampling Debacle On Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album

Kelis criticized “Milkshake” co-writer and producer Pharrell Williams for his silence on the interpolation of her song’s melody on Beyoncé’s new album, Renaissance. Kelis had just thrown steak on the grill.

Amidst the release of Beyoncé’s highly anticipated Renaissance album, the R&B diva spilled some harsh comments regarding an interpolation of her blockbuster single “Milkshake” being used on “Energy,” the sixth song off the Destiny’s Child alum’s new record.

Kelis claims that neither Beyoncé nor Pharrell Williams, who penned and produced “Milkshake” with his The Neptunes production colleague Chad Hugo, contacted her before the song was released to advise her of the sample’s use.

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Pharrell is the smart one. She made this claim in a video broadcast to Instagram on July 28 and characterized it as a “direct hit” at her. I find it quite childish. Identifying the predicament “irritating, she went on, “I have every right to be irritated by this. Why? Because nobody had the decency to contact and say, “Hey, we’d like to use your album.”

Kelis Slams Pharrell Williams Over "Petty" Sampling Debacle On Beyoncé's Renaissance Album
Kelis Slams Pharrell Williams Over “Petty” Sampling Debacle On Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album

In addition, Kelis said that this was done “on purpose,” characterizing it as “very passive hostile.”It’s terribly dumb, she said. “Just wanted to express what needed to be said. I say what I think without sugarcoating it.”Kelis’ debut album, Tasty, was released in 2003, and its first single, “Milkshake,” was a smash hit. The song was written solely by Pharrell and Chad.

Released on July 29 was Renaissance, Beyoncé’s seventh studio album. Pharrell and Chad, in addition to Beyoncé, were credited as songwriters for “Energy.” A disclaimer in the credits stated, “contains an interpolation of ‘Milkshake,’ written by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and sung by Kelis.”

According to Kelis, “the meaning of cooperation is that we are working together,” hence she does not count “Energy” as a collaboration, as she explained in another Instagram video. The key to successful collaboration is making sure everyone is on the same page. That’s a major issue, man.

The representatives for Beyoncé and Pharrell did not respond to E! News’s requests for comment. Neither party has made a statement regarding the claim.

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