Malaysia Confirms Cancellation Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Release

Sadly, “Thor: Love and Thunder” will not be released in theatres by Golden Screen Cinemas in Malaysia. This comes after reports surfaced two weeks ago saying the film will be delayed indefinitely.

Disney has updated that the Marvel Studios film Thor: Love and Thunder will not be released in Malaysia after all, thus “dear valued customers,” we regret to inform you. “We apologize for any trouble this may have caused and appreciate your understanding,” GSC wrote on its social media channels.

The closing retort said, “Please purchase our goods, OK.” That’s the second bit of tongue-in-cheek criticism to come from the country’s largest movie chain in the past week. GSC published the future schedule of Marvel films shortly after Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con presentation, but Thor was scratched off.

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The movie, which was directed by Taika Waititi and premiered in North America on July 8th, has so far made $283 million. So far, “Thor” has made $685 million over the globe.

This is the second Disney film whose release was delayed in Malaysia within the past two months. The Malaysian censorship authority (LPF) demanded edits to the picture, understood to contain a same-sex kiss, before it would be certified for release, leading to the cancellation of the June release of the Pixar movie “Lightyear” in the country. Disney has refused to make the edits and is instead releasing “Lightyear” directly on Disney+ Hotstar.

Malaysia Confirms Cancellation Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Release
Malaysia Confirms Cancellation Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Release

Nearly twenty countries, especially those with a Muslim majority, voiced their disapproval of “Lightyear” due to its homophobic undertones. Disney has been silent about “Thor,” but they have confirmed that there will be no release. It has been reported by Variety that the LPF has once again requested edits, but the studio has refused to comply.

The economic damage that Malaysian theatres have suffered over the past two years due to on-and-off COVID control measures is reflected in GSC’s sadness over the loss of another major Hollywood blockbuster. The number of people seeing the movies fell from 77 million in 2017 to just 3.72 million in 2021. The theatrical window in the country has been cut in half, from 90 days to 45 days, which is causing a lot of contention among exhibitors.

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