‘We Owe It To Our Children’: Hillsboro School Leaders Outline Their Case For $25m Bond Proposition (Latest News)

Superintendent Jon Isaacson is concerned about the distance between Hillsboro High School’s front doors and its students.

Only one school in the district lacks a safe entrance, which is a cause for concern following a rash of gun violence around the country.

This may happen in Hillsboro, too, Isaacson admits, “I’m not naive enough to think that.” “Therefore, we owe it to our children, our parents, and our community to do everything we can to ensure that our kids feel safe at school.” Isaacson plans to pay it with the $25 million Proposition KIDS bond measure that will be on the ballot on August 2.

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There will not be an increase in the current tax rate under Isaacson’s leadership. Instead, he compares it to the process of refinancing a home loan.

Proposition An additional eight years would be added to repayment for the various projects if KIDS could refinance existing debt and prolong payback for the individual projects. In the current economic climate, he admits that this may be a challenge to sell

“I believe there is a lot of help out there. Is it true that I’m aware of and concerned about the state of the economy? Yeah. It has an effect on people, and I am aware of the financial implications “he stated.

After the death of a 6-year-old Jefferson County student in a bus accident, another initiative โ€” equipping the district’s bus fleet with 360-degree cameras โ€” was put into motion.

It was Bobby Griffy’s birthday when a tragedy occurred, the merchant stated. At dinner, my business partner told me that we have to take some steps to secure the students.

Prop KIDS offers funding for the rest of the district’s bus fleet, according to Griffy, who has worked with the district to put 360-degree cameras on some of Hillsboro’s buses.

“We spotted one and decided, “Hey, this is a no-brainer.’ ” Why isn’t this available on every bus?’ That’s all I can say. For us, it was a huge plus “he stated.

A student’s safety is Isaacson’s responsibility “from the minute we take them away from the doorstep until we return them to their parents.” “We’ll do anything we can to make sure that happens.”

When a Girl Scout unit requested greater security along Leon Hall Parkway, it was an unusual request.

Mayor Buddy Russell explained the importance of the request, saying, “It is very vital for the protection of children with the large amount of traffic that we have in school.”

For the intersection serving numerous schools, Russell worked with the school district to see whether they could add a right-turn lane and crosswalk.

According to Isacson, parents in the district began driving their children to school early in the pandemic, a pattern that hasn’t stopped.

Hillsboro School Need To Be Secure
Hillsboro School Need To Be Secure

With a stack of the Girl Scouts’ letters piled on his desk, Isaacson added, “We’re quite proud of our Girl Scouts for doing that.”

He expressed optimism that they will be able to secure the financing they require, but he is still concerned about the impact the economy will have.

“There has been a worldwide pandemic. A gallon of gas costs $5. Things where you don’t have a lot of extra cash… We also know that we are the largest group on the personal property tax list “Isaacson remarked.

Any future tax measure would be a tax increase if August 2’s vote fails, according to Isaacson if the district had to dig into its operating fund.

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