Oregon Bill Passed After Deadly Heat Wave Protects Portable Ac Units, But Not All Types (Latest News)

There is no way around air conditioning, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where temperatures can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit for days on end as a result of global warming.

It is estimated that 100 Oregonians died in 2021 when Portland reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit during a heat dome event. Nearly everyone in that crowd had no access to air conditioning.

Lacey Beaty, the mayor of Beaverton, was inspired by that incident to seek legislation that would bar landlords from prohibiting the use of portable air conditioners in their properties. Working with legislators, she helped get the bill known as Senate Bill 1536 into law.

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“In the event of a heat emergency, you are now permitted to set up portable air conditioners in Oregon. As an important first step, I want people to know that you have the right to install it if it doesn’t endanger the lives of others or pose a danger to their physical safety “Mayor Beaty was quoted as saying.

Residents of a low-income apartment complex in Newberg, Oregon, were sent eviction warnings earlier this month after installing window air conditioners despite SB 1536, which states that landlords cannot restrict or prohibit renters from using any portable cooling device they choose.

If you study the fine print of SB 1536, there are numerous exceptions that allow landlords to limit window air conditioners.

If a portable AC unit does not violate building rules or federal, state, or local laws, a landlord cannot restrict it under section 2. Fire safety concerns have been raised about window units in Newberg’s apartment complex by the Yamhill County Housing Authority.

AC units might also be prohibited if installing them would cause harm to the property or make it uninhabitable.

Additionally, an AC unit may be exempt if it requires brackets or other gear that would damage or void the warranty of an existing window or frame; puncture the envelope of a building or create considerable damage, or otherwise cause significant harm. With these restrictions in mind, installing a window air conditioner would be practically impossible.

People could only use a window-mounted moving floor unit to cool their homes, which seems to be the only option. The lowest price for one of these units was determined on Home Depot’s website to be at least $100 more expensive than the cheapest window unit.

If you want to put in a window unit in Oregon, you need the first talk to your landlord, according to Mayor Beaty.

Oregon Need Airconditioner
Oregon Need Airconditioner

First, you should make sure that your landlord understands that Senate Bill 1536 was passed and that you can have a meaningful conversation about what that means, she said. “When new rules take effect, not everyone is immediately aware of them. So, you may begin by simply discussing the situation with them and the implications it has for your apartment complex.”

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