Hillsboro Woman Speaks Out After Escaping From Man Holding Her At Gunpoint (Latest News)

She’s hoping to inspire others by telling the story of how she managed to flee from a man police claim held her at gunpoint and attempted to kidnap her.

A little after 7 in the morning on Sunday, July 24, it happened at the Subway east of I-29. While cowering back in the fetal position on the ground, I begged him, “Don’t shoot me! Please! Please!” Jackie Halvorson made the following statement.

Her three children and six grandchildren would be gone if the man holding a gun to her head had his way. Her entire life flashed before her eyes in an instant.

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β€œI just knew I didn’t want to get put in that truck. So many thoughts go through your mind. Nobody will probably ever see me again probably!” she recalled the incident in an interview with Valley News Live.

Halvorson Wake Up Early in the Morning

Generally speaking, Halvorson’s Sundays are a day of rest and productivity. The day before Halvorson’s sub shop closes for the week, she gets up extra early to finish off any last-minute tasks.

β€œNobody’s out and about, nobody’s walking. You don’t see any cars,” she said.

As a result, Halvorson says it was odd to see someone driving so early on Sunday morning, especially since the man in the white truck continued circling her neighborhood and restaurant.

β€œBut we’re in a little town. A lot of old folks like to cruise around on a nice, quiet morning so I didn’t think a whole lot of it,” Halvorson said.

Inhaling the fresh air as she walked outside to wash her windows later, Halvorson discovered the identical white pickup still parked in her back lot. She thought he was waiting for her sandwich store to open because his windows were open.

β€œI said, β€˜Sorry we’re closed today.’ He just stared.” Halvorson remembered.

Halvorson claims she proceeded to the building’s front door and found the male standing there as well. That’s what Halvorson tells me, but she subsequently discovers that the man was concealing a revolver in his palm by holding a huge coat in front of her while mumbling something.

β€œItΒ happened so fast!” Halvorson said.

As she pleaded for her life, Halvorson states that the man took her from the ground, pointed a gun at both her head and chest, and led her to his truck.

β€œI didn’t want to be shot and I didn’t want to be put in that truck,” she said. β€œI don’t know what happened. I just went berserk. I just started kicking and flailing my arms. I don’t know how I got away from him, but I felt his arm let up and I ran. I just ran!”

Halvorson was able to phone the police from Casey’s gas station next door after finding a safe haven there. Thank you very much to the Traill County Sheriff’s Office for their rapid reaction and for comforting Halvorson that she was safe.

What if he had gotten me in his truck?’ is all I can think of.” Was he intending to harm me in any way? ‘Which direction was he taking me in?'” Halvorson said this,

Hillsboro Woman Escaping Story

The man was found soon after. According to a statement released Sunday evening by Traill County officials, the guy has been transferred to a Fargo hospital for psychiatric tests. The Traill County State’s Attorney’s Office has received a report for review and is considering filing charges. Even though Halvorson says she’s happy her alleged assailant is no longer on the loose, she hopes the legal system will ensure that this remains the case in the future.

‘I really hope they don’t let him back into our community,’ she expressed concern about his return.

As a way of empowering others and showing that horrible things happen no matter how big or small a town is, Halvorson has decided to share her tale with the public. Most significantly, she says she hopes her story inspires people to pay more attention to the world around them by making them more aware of their own circumstances.

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