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At Rogers Landing Park in Newberg, Oregon, on May 3, 2022, the body and vehicle of Ralph Brown were recovered from the Willamette River. Nearly a year since leaving his Cornelius, Oregon, home, he was discovered. He was having trouble keeping up with Sundowners Syndrome and no longer had a license, so his wife Carol sought to prevent him from driving.

β€œI’m going home,” Ralph told Carol.Β  β€œTo my other home.”

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Did Carol Try to Stop Mr. Ralph?

Carol made an effort to get her husband to halt and convince him that he was already at home, but she was unsuccessful. The guy who was the joy of her life, a loving father, grandfather, and social activist, drove away into the night as dusk fell over their 50-year-old home.

And so far as we all know, Carol and everyone else never again saw Ralph Brown in a living state. Mr. Brown headed south in search of something, his mind, and memory on fire.

Who Tried to Find Him?

The family took action, searching for him and contacting his cellphone. He answered a call from his daughter, Laurie Saunders, a few hours later. Ralph gave his daughter a brief message. Do people still care about me? Are you searching for me, though? The East coast-based Saunders told her father that they have been searching for him and that his son, Daryle, would call him back immediately away if he didn’t answer the phone.

She made a call to her brother in Beaverton and instructed him to contact Ralph to arrange for the location of the former Cornelius mayor. Daryle contacted his father numerous times, but he never picked up.

Ralph Brown Body Found In Willamette River
Ralph Brown Body Found In Willamette River

The search for Ralph Brown formally started at that point. The family learned in the days to come that his cell phone had been pinging in an area close to McMinnville and subsequently in Newberg, Oregon. Law enforcement in Washington County collaborated with the family, as did relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Hundreds of volunteers would scour Newberg and every road and side road between Cornelius and there within a few days. Ralph attended universities in Corvallis and Monmouth. He spent his entire life maintaining ties to Astoria, where he was raised. The army of searchers investigated every road and path leading to all of these locations because he also enjoyed the beach.

Which “Home” was Ralph attempting to reach?

Where was this β€œother home” that he was so determined to get to?

As the days and weeks passed, Carol and the family clung to their faith.

From Where Did Ralph Brown’s Body Find Out?

A large search was planned immediately after Ralph missing in Newberg when at least 150 volunteers and searchers gathered to check the forests, the parks, and the regions nearest to where Ralph’s phone was traced before it died that night. Rogers Park was one of the search’s key areas. The park, which is on the Willamette River, has a boat ramp among other places where a car could drive into the water.

Along the waterfront, I was joined by four searchers using drones. We sailed up and down the river seeking broken trees, tyres prints, entry signs, and Ralph’s automobile. Despite being able to see 6 to 10 feet into the water, we noticed nothing in particular after combing 3 kilometers of beach. All the inland searches came up empty too.

The trail cooled as the weeks and months passed. The Facebook page’s traffic decreased, and so did the tips. Law enforcement gave the family advice and used the utmost caution. The news kept up with the story, but they too soon lost interest. No one forgot, but the waiting game for the phone to ring began.

On May 3rd, we finally learned that Jared and the Experiences with Purpose team had returned to Rogers Landing and had discovered a car submerged 30 feet beneath some logs and branches. The distance to the boat ramp was only 100 feet downstream. As the time passed, it became clear that the vehicle was a blue Nissan Sentra, a perfect match for Ralph’s vehicle.

It was confirmed many hours later that Mr. Ralph Brown was inside; he was, at last, returning home. Never giving up, Leisek and crew independently decided it was time for another look, and this time they discovered our guy.

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