Osprey Family Of Birds Grab Unexpected Attention At World Championships In Eugene, Oregon (Latest News)

The World Athletic Championships, which are presently taking place, are attracting some unpredicted attention to a family of raptors. The Cornell Lab and its website All About Birds describe ospreys as exceptionally huge, uniquely formed hawks.

The birds are huge, yet their bodies are lean, and they have long, narrow wings and long legs.

Oregon’s Eugene, According to Reuters, a nest of ospreys near Eugene has taken on the role of the event’s unofficial mascots.

The crowd at the 10-day international meet in Eugene cannot start the race, and neither can the cheers of the spectators rouse the raptors from their perch over the University of Oregon School of Law.

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Despite this, owing to footage shown on the Hayward Field big screen, spectators have enjoyed watching the smallest in the nest flap its wings while they watch the field events and sprint heats, according to Reuters.

“We were witnessing the baby bird practicing getting ready to fly. So it was really exciting.”

According to the website, ospreys fly with clearly visible kinks in their wings that, when viewed from below, form an M-shape.

“Watching the announcers and the fans cheer for the bird, learning to fly in the same way that they’re cheering for the athletes, running and jumping and throwing โ€” yeah, I never would have predicted that, but it’s really fun,” Michael Moffitt, the Philip H. Knight Chair in Law at the University of Oregon, told Reuters.

The storied Hayward Field used to be home to the ospreys. They remained there until a 2014 incident caused their transfer to the stage at the Knight Law Center.

“I could just appreciate the nature that was occurring.”

“We were watching the little bird practice taking to the air. Therefore, it was quite thrilling “IT professional Shannon Dixon, 49, of Oxnard, California, spoke to Reuters.

“I could just appreciate the nature that was occurring.”

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