Nikki Glaser, Feminist And ‘FBoy’ Whisperer, Is Channeling Her Anger On Stage

Moments into Nikki Glaser’s latest comedy show, Good Clean Filth, she asks a hypothetical to the audience: If you had to perform oral sex on one of your parents, who would it be? This is one of the most childlike moments in the hour, which premiered on HBO on July 16.

However, fans of Glaser won’t be surprised by her new work. Her ability to combine crassness with cleverness has earned her a large fan base. She’s also fashioned a career out of it.

Recently, Glaser featured in a reality show on the E! Network (Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? ), hosts the dating competition show FBoy Island on HBO Max, and, is considering a sitcom. It’s a sign of her industry appeal and restlessness that she’s been even busy since she relocated back to St. Louis in 2020.

Nikki Glaser, Feminist And ‘FBoy’ Whisperer, Is Channeling Her Anger On Stage

While in Los Angeles in July for meetings and a few sets at the legendary The Comedy Store, Glaser gave an interview from her hotel room on the Sunset Strip, in which she discussed the enduring allure of touring, her anger onstage after Roe, and why she removed her shirt (but left her bra on) during a performance at a baseball stadium.

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So, you recorded this special a while back, correct?

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That was something I completed in the month of November; the release date was set for the following month, in March. My inability to critically evaluate my own work necessitated my telling HBO, “Sorry, I need an extension.” It was like sending an email to my college teachers saying, “My printer’s broken! This computer of mine has frozen! “My grandmother just passed away.

Do you wish you had dug deeper into the United States’ long history of policing women’s bodies now that you know what you know?

It wouldn’t have had the same tone if I’d shot it before the Roe v. Wade decision was reversed.

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