Oregon Dad Gunned Down In Apparent Road Rage Incident Over Windshield Wiper Use, Partner Says (Latest News)

This month, an Oregon father was shot dead in a clear road-rage incident after his longtime girlfriend said she believed the fight was sparked by windshield wiper fluid.

While driving back from a day trip on July 13, Dennis Anderson and Brandy Goldsbury were shot dead by a passenger in another vehicle on Highway 18. The shooting has been categorized as a “suspected road rage incident” by the Oregon State Police.

He told The Oregonian that he and his wife were heading back to their Tigard home on Portland’s southwest side at 8:30 p.m. when Anderson began sprinkling wiper fluid on his windshield.

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According to her, she suspects some of the wiper fluid may have gotten on the car in front of them, which may have aggravated the driver.

It was like, ‘Ignore him, he’s having a horrible day,'” she explains.

As soon as the driver passed them and drove away in a BMW 3 series with a 2006 model body style, they thought it was over. When they encountered the same car parked at a rest stop a few miles later, Goldsbury reported seeing the same vehicle.

The automobile drew up in front of them as they drove passed.

As soon as the lanes reverted back to one, the automobile started driving “almost as if it were trying to strike us,” she added. “It was terrifying.” When it was safe to do so, it would merge into oncoming traffic and veer toward us, as if it were trying to push us into the trees.

They made the decision to pull over to the side of the road in Polk County’s far northwest corner so they could dial 911. Anderson exited the vehicle as Goldsbury was on the phone.

When the automobile came up behind him and started shooting, that was it. “Oh my God, they shot me,” was the last thing he said,” Goldsbury recalled.

Oregon Gunned Down Dad
Oregon Gunned Down Dad

As she wrestled with her seatbelt, she told local station KGW that she “couldn’t get out of my seat fast enough.”

It wasn’t long before she arrived at Anderson and flagged down other drivers to aid, including a man who administered CPR until emergency authorities arrived. Police confirmed that he had died at the site.

Goldsbury is still holding out hope that Anderson’s assassin, who is still at large, will be apprehended. An under-25-year-old man with a medium skin tone, short dark hair, and a slight stature has been characterized by police as the shooter who was in the vehicle’s passenger seat.

People in the car, according to Goldsbury, “ought to comprehend what they did and how they impacted not just me and my family but our community,” he said. Aside from Anderson’s own children, Goldsbury’s adult son had him as a stepfather as well.

Anderson traveled from his home in Massachusetts to Oregon to see her after they met online over two decades previously and began dating. They rapidly became inseparable and started a family together.

She described him to the local media as “one of those pushover parents.” His response to their absurd requests was always “no,” but then “I’d look around and he’d be doing it, making it happen for them.”

In an interview with the publication, Anderson’s father, David Anderson, referred to his son as his best friend and said the two regularly spent time together working on vehicles, fishing, and watching the Patriots.

Steve Albrecht, a violence assessment expert, told Oxygen.com in 2018 that the best way to avoid road rage was to lock the doors and contact 911.

It’s pointless to get out of your car and engage in argument or physical combat with this person, he insisted. Get out of there by using your car as a safety device. “I’m still trying to figure out how to carry on without Anderson,” Goldsbury remarked.

He and his children were robbed of the most important person in their lives. “It’s the worst type of dying,” she said, according to KPTV.

Please contact the Oregon State Police if you have any information about this crime!

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