Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Deadly Hillsboro Shooting. (Latest News)

Hillsboro police announced Friday that they caught the suspected person who was involved in a deadly shooting that happened a few days before after midnight Monday morning. He had left the parking lot after shooting the one man.

Police officers reached the parking area before 12:30 a.m. where the incident took place. The parking area is located at Southeast 11th Avenue and Southeast Walnut Street area where gunfire was heard clearly. Police found the dead body lying on the ground on the spot and his name was Juan Javier Moncivais, 40. He was a local resident of Hills Boro.

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Investigators immediately declared Monsivais’ death reason, he was shot to death. But his identity was not distinguished at that time and nor was the shooter distinguished immediately. For completing the investigation, police were kept closed walnut street between 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue for seven hours.

The dead person was distinguished after two days. After taking the time Hillsboro police revealed that he identified as Monsivais who was a resident of Hillsboro.

On Friday, Hillsboro detectives and the Washington County Tactical Negotiations TeamΒ  β€” the county’s answer to SWAT, a suspect was arrested in Moncivais’ murder case has been identified as Enrique Tapia who is 32 years old. He was charged with second-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon and then booked into the Washington County Jail.

The many shooting incidents that happened in the last week in Hillsboro near the metro area.

On July 8, one person was shot and killed while a second person was injured across Southeast Powell and 112th Avenue in Portland. Police said that officers seized the incident spot and the neighborhood area for identifying the suspects. Many people were jailed for investigation the next day, but the police didn’t verify the real culprit.

Another incident was a Sunday night shooting where a man was found dead near Northeast 12th Avenue and Prescott in Portland. But police also have not identified the murderer and yet not made any arrests.

Hillsboro Shooting Parking Lot
Hillsboro Shooting Parking Lot

Gresham police officers were busy solving the murder history, they investigating a shooting in downtown Gresham and another shooting in a southeast Gresham neighborhood. Police issue an adversary that anyone who has information about any of the shootings can call authorities.

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