Who Will Rock You? Hillsborough Music Festival Title Winner!

This Saturday, the Hillsboro Concert Series will host the Wood Street Music Festival for the second time. The initial concert last year was a huge success and welcomed music fans from all over the world. With a day of free music including five different bands, the festival this year hopes to build on the excitement from the previous two concerts this summer.

LSXPRSS will begin the day at around noon. Drew Shaefor and Neil C. Luike, pals, formed the band, and the St. Louis metropolitan area has gained a fan attractionΒ in their rock melodies. Luke may be performedΒ in the Old Souls Revival, whereas Drew can be identified in the Old Capital Square Dance Club.

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Around 2:30 p.m., a Litchfield-based pair named The Jarman Brothers will perform. Jason Jarmon, who most recently played in the band Side Effect, and Joe Jarmon have been playing together for many years.

At 4:30 p.m., The Starkillers, a high school garage band from the area, will play. The Starkillers, a Litchfield-based band that has only been performing together for a little over a year, have been making waves in central Illinois.

At 6:30 o’clock central Illinois-based singer-songwriter Avery Kern will start to perform, she has been performing since she was 13 years old. She recently relocated to Nashville for school, where she has also started performing. The two songs “Bluebird” and “The Way You Say You Do,” which are released recently by her, can enjoy these songs on online streaming platforms.

Hounds will be the evening’s main attraction. From relationships between siblings and childhood buddies through boy band formation and tired traveling. Hounds have experienced it all in a relatively short amount of time, from classic rock inspirations and cutting-edge audio technology to winning an Internet contest and landing a recording contract. Clockwork had previously performed at the Hillsboro Concert Series. They later performed at festivals across the nation as opening acts for groups like Blues Traveler and O.A.R.

Although many people would be content on this path, the band chose to change course. They changed their name to Hounds and embraced more traditional inspirations like The Beatles, The Doors, and The Beach Boys. They established themself as a more aggressive style of rock packed with thick and ringing harmonies. To pay homage to alt-rockers The Districts, they changed their name to Hounds, and by 2017, they had produced a self-titled LP of live recordings.

Jordan attended the three auditions for the nationwide band competition in 2019, Who Will Rock You? It is, an online series supported by TopGolf locations. Hounds passed obstacles in the opening rounds to win Who Will Rock You? and major label BMG will sign a deal with a good-scoring artist. The label is impressed by the band’s self-written songs and increased the offer to feature in an album.

_Hillsborough Music Festival
_Hillsborough Music Festival

The band started recording their debut album, “Cattle in the Sky,” at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis in September 2019 with engineer Jason McEntire. The album is a fast-growing, energetic, and lovely collection of songs ranging from greasy rumble-seat rock to up-to-the-minute, angst-ridden modern reflections. It is built on colorful, ringing harmonies and focussed, strong guitars.

At 8 o’clock, Hounds will close out the day’s activities. Those participants are asked to bring a chair as well as to arrive hungry as Que One Seven will be present all day offering food.

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