When Will Season 2 Of American Horror Stories Be Out, Who Will Be In It, And What Will Happen?

Warning: the following contains spoilers for both seasons of American Horror Story.

When you can have numerous stories in one season of American Horror Story, why have it once a year? The premise of American Horror Stories is based on this idea; each episode has a new ensemble of characters confronting terrifying situations.

In fact, several familiar faces from Ryan Murphy’s other shows make appearances here, lending a sense of continuity between the two series and proving that the cast isn’t entirely made up of fresh faces.

It was always obvious that American Horror Stories would be well-received by the franchise’s fans; now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what the next set of stories has in store.

In any case, what does the future hold? Everything you need to know about American Horror Stories Season 2 is right here…

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When Does The Second Season Of American Horror Story Become Available?

On July 21, 2022, American Horror Stories will premiere in the United States.

In the United States, it will be broadcast on FX, and while its release in the United Kingdom has not yet been announced, it will probably appear on Disney+ like the rest of the American Horror Story family.

There will be a new episode every week.

Season 11 of American Horror Story and the upcoming American Sports Story and American Love Story will all premiere after this show.

Who Will Be On American Horror Stories Season 2?

American Horror Stories Season 2
American Horror Stories Season 2

As was to be expected, the cast of American Horror Stories: Season 2 includes familiar stars from previous seasons as well as some fresh faces.

However, the exact significance of each player and the nature of their involvement remains to be seen.

Among the well-known actors and actresses:

β€’ Cody Fern (fromΒ Apocalypse, 1984, andΒ Double Feature)
Max Greenfield (fromΒ Hotel)
Nico Greetham (fromΒ Double Feature)
Denis O’Hare (fromΒ Murder House, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, andΒ Double Feature)
Gabourey Sidibe (fromΒ Coven, Freak Show,Β andΒ Apocalypse)

In addition, there are the rising stars who have recently been recruited. Some are brand new to the Murphy universe while others have made multiple appearances.

Among these are:

β€’ Dominique Jackson (Pose, American Gods)
Judith Light (The PoliticianΒ andΒ Ugly Betty)
β€’ Alicia Silverstone (Clueless)
Bella Thorne (Scream: The TV Series, The Duff)
β€’ QuvenzhanΓ© Wallis (Annie [2014], Swagger)

What is the Storyline for the Upcoming Second Season of American Horror Stories?

While each episode of American Horror Stories tells a unique story, the show’s marketing has stuck to a few disturbing themes.

This time around, the trailer reveals that Denis O’Hare’s character is the curator of a life-size dollhouse in at least one episode, suggesting a possible obsession with really disturbing dolls.

Some seem to be period works, while in another Bella Thorne’s character is defiant in the face of a serial killer’s loss in her community.

The second season of American Horror Story will have plenty of room to explore new storylines thanks to the show’s expansive canon and the addition of several new locations.

While the first season focused primarily on the events of Murder House, subsequent seasons are free to revisit any of the nine previously established storylines.

This includes returning to Asylum’s Briarcliff Manor, the Florida Freak Show, and even Coven’s Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

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Is There A Trailer For Season 2 Of American Horror Stories Out Yet?

Yes! On July 14, a week before episodes became available online, the official trailer was released.

In the first story, Denis O’Hare plays the lead, a kidnapper who converts his victims into dolls for his collection.

Alicia Silverstone’s home has been tormented by what appears to be a demon, a coroner has an unhealthy obsession with her work, and a poorly bandaged person can be seen writhing in pools of blood (yup… multiple).

Therefore, it appears to be a typical day in the AHS universe.

The UK premiere date for the return of American Horror Stories is still unknown.

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