Hillsboro Local Company Has Launched Guardian App To Help Find Missing People. (Latest News)

The Guardian app is launched recently that will automatically warn the volunteers in that particular region after sending out an alert about a missing person by an app user or family person.

Β The main function of this app is to alert people when any person is lost, missing, or has walked away and bring a person back home safely. Most of the time, people, families, or relatives put the photo on social media for searching for a lost person and alert the community to seek help in searching.

A local company Q51d launched a Guardian app by this week which will be used for searching the missing people. It is another option for finding missing persons, now available as an app. The company and its employee believe that it will be a more helpful tool for finding people fast in our community.

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Q5id Guardian App Company Statement

The company motto is to provide this powerful app to everyone and issue the alert to the families or relatives if their beloved person or child is lost,” explained Alexandra Farland, a spokesperson for the app. “Sometimes, they are not that far away, and waiting a long time could cause more issues.”

An app has a button for sending the alert if someone presses this button the app will send an alert to all users in that particular location where the person is missing. And all users in that location will get an alert and will help in finding the missing person physically as volunteers.

“The difference with this versus social media. This is going to be a more secure platform. Everyone who is part of the Guardian community does have their identity verified to ensure that they are who they say they are,” Farland said.

This week, the Guardian app has launched in Portland only. The developers are planning to expand into other nearby cities or states and finally, the United States.

“We can grow a community here and then expand from there because ultimately, you do need a good ratio of volunteers to what we call ‘Guardian subscribers’ β€” who actually initiate the alert for their missing loved one β€” and without the volunteers, there’s no one to look for a missing person.”

There are numerous human care organizations, including childcare will support the app and play an important role to achieve the Q5id’s target.

“There’s so much focus in this area β€” on things like Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts. How do we connect hotlines and get more crisis numbers out there? And those are all great things… None of that is bad. But this is an app that has really been designed with today’s age in mind,” said Michael Medoro with Childhelp. “How do we capitalize on social behaviors in a way that rescues a child that is in need or in crisis?”

Q5id Guardian App On Andriod Mobile
Q5id Guardian App On Andriod Mobile

The user who wants to use this app and secure their family or relatives has to pay a charge of at most $4 per month as a subscription. But for the volunteers who find the missing or lost persons, the company offers free for them.

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