Marlo Hampton’s Net Worth (Updated 2022): Wiki, Career, Dating, Salary & Latest News

Marlo Hampton is a reality television star who is famous for being rich. The celeb is a fashion entrepreneur who has had her fair share of success. Marlo Hampton’s net worth can also be connected with her appearance in the fourth season of the successful reality series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

Though she was later cut off from the reality show after just one season, Marlo Hampton’s net worth remained unaffected. Often, she appeared as a guest star to make her presence known amongst the cast. So, how well off is Marlo Hampton’s net worth? Did her business grow and what’s the update about her relationship status?

Marlo Hampton’s Early Life

Born on 2nd July 1976, Marlo Patric Hampton is a Florida-born woman. She is blessed with two older sisters and a younger brother. However, her father didn’t have an active role in her life, and her mother Emma did her best to raise the children. Apart from struggling with Marlo Hampton’s net worth back at that time, she was also dealing with her mother’s severe drug addiction as well as abuse.

After a lot of struggle in the initial stages, Marlo was finally put up in Foster Care. There she found shelter under the guidance of a loving family in Hopkins, Florida.

Marlo Hampton
Marlo Hampton

Marlo did have to face the harsh realities of life but finally got her degree Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Interdisciplinary Science in 2003. She graduated from the prestigious University of Southern Florida’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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Marlo Hampton’s Career

There was no easy way out to shape Marlo Hampton’s net worth. Marlo worked as a stylist in the thriving fashion sector for years. Her hard work led her to launch the Red Carpet Boutique at Atlanta’s perimeter mall.

But soon she climbed up the ladder of success and the newly-found Marlo Hampton’s net worth was one of the major turning points in her career. She was quickly signed in for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4” in 2011. However, her sudden exit has raised multiple questions. It is rumored that she was removed from the show following the several arrest allegations she had.

As a matter of fact, Hampton had a huge number of arrest records when she resided in Florida. There were all sorts of charges, starting from parole violations and writing false checks to aggravated battery.

This resulted in Hampton getting arrested seven times between 1999 to 2003. One interesting fact about Marlo Hampton’s net worth is that she is sponsored by multiple Sugar Daddies. They support her luxurious lifestyle. She is also known for running “,” a fashion blog.

Apart from that, she was also seen in Aspire TV’s “Nene: The Wedding Episode and Exhale”. She was even selected as the Style Ambassador in 2016 during the 10th annual Atlanta International Fashion Week. A lot of Marlo’s net worth comes from her constant involvement in the reality series and also personal projects. Recently, she launched Marlo’s Closet channel on YouTube which she produces.

Marlo Hampton’s Personal Life

Most of Marlo Hampton’s net worth is because of her close connection with NFL player, Charles Grant. However, the twist in the situation is that NeNe was Marlo’s co-star in a reality show. On the other hand, NeNe is also in a relationship with Charles Grant. In spite of this love triangle, Marlo and Grant stayed together for months.

But recently, there were unpleasant events that put the relationship to an end. Grants were accused of producing faulty checks that led to a messy situation. He was charged with fraud and that did shake up Marlo’s net worth.

Besides, Marlo is also very much involved with numerous legal cases. She does run two non-profit organizations, namely “Glam It Up” and “Simple giving initiative”. But there have also been questions regarding the intention of founding these organizations.

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Marlo Hampton’s Net Worth & Salary

Marlo Hampton’s net worth is $1 million. She makes $100 thousand annually and her other sources of income help to attain Marlo Hampton’s net worth. She even runs a foundation that adds quite a sum to Marlo Hampton net worth.

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