What Was The Cause Of Zyzz Death?

Amateur bodybuilder and self-proclaimed “thin kid” turned “pin-up guy” will have his body shipped back to Sydney from Thailand this week. The 22-year-old Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, better known online as “Zyzz,” died on Friday from a heart attack in a sauna in Bangkok. According to his mother Maria Shavershian, an autopsy indicated that her son had an undiscovered heart ailment that caused cardiac arrest.

“I am shattered, we are doing very bad,” Mrs. Shavershian said. When Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian first started bodybuilding, you can see the difference in his appearance. On Monday, 3 days after the death of Mr. Shavershian, the family learned of the news. Funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized, but they expect it to be a small gathering of close family and friends. This weekend, they hope to receive his body.

Carlingford-based Mr. Shavershian was a full-time student of business and commerce when he created the internet alias “Zyzz” after finding a bodybuilder in his late teens. As “Zyzz,” a brash and flashy showman, he published a book, began advertising bodybuilding supplements, and appeared in numerous videos. He worked as a stripper in the Sydney Hotshots male revue during his schooling.

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Two weeks ago, The Sun-Herald published an article about the arrest of Mr. Shavershian’s older brother, Said, 25, which catapulted him to national attention. Last week, he admitted to having an anabolic steroid in his possession after being arrested. Fitness First trainer Said Shavershian was docked $479 in fines. Including his younger brother in an article on the use of steroids by amateur bodybuilders and the lengths, young men would go to imitate their heroes irked the older brother.

My name and photo were used for a story mostly about anabolic steroids, even though I haven’t been charged, caught, or found guilty of anything associated with drug use,” he claimed in an email. It’s all thanks to social media that I’ve built up my own brand, my own protein label, as well as my own sponsoring deals for supplements.

Zyzz Died
Zyzz Died in Bangkok sauna

The number of people that follow me on Facebook is only a few thousand short of Kyle as well as Jackie O’s Facebook support group, as you can tell from my clarity. I’m a university student studying business administration and have essentially been successful in selling myself. Since the news of his death surfaced late on Monday, that following has grown to more than 73,000.

Said Shavershian posted the following message on his brother’s private Facebook profile: “Rip brother, I love you sooo much. It wasn’t sposed to end like this πŸ™ I can’t stop Fkn crying I’m dyeing on the inside. I will see you soon. You weren’t just my brother… You were my best friend too. Miss you soo much I just hope I wake up tomorrow and this is all a bad dream.”

Despite working for Sydney Hotshots for the past three years, a spokesman for the company claimed he was having trouble accepting the news. He was scheduled to return this week; I had some work lined up for him the next week,” a representative told CNN. “I thought he was a really nice guy. This whole “YouTube video” thing was just for show. However, I was charmed by him regardless of the steroids.”

The outpouring of praise continued on Aziz’s personal Facebook page and on bodybuilding message boards, where the former bodybuilder was lauded as a deity. Friend: “You inspired me and others to pursue a life of beauty…,” he remarked.

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Another friend wrote: “RIP Az! U were 2 real inspiration 2 all. U will b missed by all. Really sad 2 loose such a young life, I stil cant belive it :((((.”

On Tuesday, a new Facebook page was created for the project. “Zyzz altered my life, even though I’ve never met him,” remarked one devotee. That’s where Zyzz came in. He demonstrated to me that we are all we put into life and that you can make yourself into whatever you choose to be. Zyzz changed my life when I felt like I had nowhere else to turn. Said Shavershian told the Herald this day that his family had requested privacy.

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