How Long Did Devin Booker and Jordyn Woods Date? (Relationship Timeline)

Devin Booker’s budding relationship with Kendall Jenner has generated headlines both on and off the court over the past year. At least one other ex-girlfriend is publicly dating him, and she’s not one of the favourite people of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

It was rumoured that the Phoenix Suns star and Kylie Jenner’s old BFF Jordyn Woods were dating in May 2018 when they were seen out with Kendall so she and Ben Simmons were on a double date. Before her devastating infidelity scandal with Khloรฉ Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson in February 2019, Us Weekly claims that Jordyn and Devin divorced, but neither announced their split.

Before going public with their love in 2021, Kendall and Devin had only generated romance rumours when driving across Arizona in April 2020. In the reunion episode of Keeping Up The with Kardashians four months later, the model declared the athlete her “lover” for the first time. In June 2021, she said, “I’m not embarrassed that I have a style and I’m also a real basketball enthusiast.”

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According to the reports, she and the Michigan native intend to keep their relationship out of the media. Kylie and I have been able to watch our elder sisters go through marriages, loves, and breakups “quite publicly,” Kenny said in an interview during the episode. When we’re honest with each other, I believe that it makes our lives easier and our connection stronger. Because it’s a personal problem, I don’t want people to judge me or find out about it.”

It was previously revealed that the couple will soon take their relationship seriously, which is “just a matter of time.” According to reports, Devin claims he’s “just ready” to propose, while Kendall says she “would like some form of a commitment” to cement their “deep bond.” This has the 818 founder’s renowned family “feeling something might happen soon.”

Devin Booker had a brief relationship with Jordyn Woods before Kendall Jenner from Trying To keep up The with Kardashians fell for him, and now it’s time to reveal more about Devin’s love life. Kendall and her ex-boyfriend, Ben Simmons, were pictured on a double date with Devin and Jordyn in old images. For some fans, Kendall and Devin’s current relationship is a bit of a mystery, given the two have started dating each other’s acquaintances. Some bystanders are scratching their brains over the impending scandal. However, the Kar-Jenners are no strangers to double-dipping.

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Dating their friends’ ex-boyfriends is a common pastime for the well-known twins. They’ve even been believed to have started off as the “other ladies” of the men they ended up dating. During Kim’s romance with Kris Humphries, Kanye West was allegedly dating Amber Rose, and Kim was dating Kris Humphries at the time. In addition, Kim from KUWTK was suspected of having an extramarital affair with Travis Barker when he was still engaged to Shanna Moakler.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Scott have both rejected the reports of an affair. According to reports, Khloe Kardashian was dating Tristan Thompson when he was still married to Jordan Craig. While Tristan was found kissing Jordyn Woods, many fans believe that Khloe received some karma because she was friends with Jordyn when she was Kylie’s best friend.

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