Providence Nurses Will Vote On Labour Contract As Additional Healthcare Workers Rally

Frontline nurses at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center will vote Thursday on whether or not to ratify a tentative agreement with the hospital or continue their strike efforts. More and more local healthcare workers are joining the ranks of those nurses who have already cast their ballots. Voting will end at 9 a.m. on Friday, and the union has been informed that the results of the ratification vote might be received as early as 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Employees at the Hillsboro Medical Center joined the Portland-area Providence hospitals in voting to authorize three days of strikes in less than a month over claims of unfair labor practices and wages that fell below market rates.

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Nearly 100 members of the OHSU Hillsboro Medical Center personnel, chanting “1.5 won’t keep us alive,” conducted a workers’ rally outside the facility’s former name of Tuality Health on Wednesday afternoon. Workers at the hospital said they want better wages, benefits, and more personnel as part of their demands.

Despite the fact that the workers have not yet agreed to strike, they have stated that the possibility is not off the table if an agreement is not reached within the next two bargaining sessions this week. The staff says it believes there is strength in numbers as the latest group of local healthcare professionals calls for more from hospitals in the area.

I think having that show of force, having numerous organizations say that we’re not going to take this and we will fight for our rights, that’s really important.” Monisha Bunday, a healthcare worker at Hillsboro Medical Center in Oregon, stated that administrators can see that if they don’t achieve their standards in some way, they won’t have enough people to accomplish the work. There is only one day left before the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center nurses are expected to ratify their tentative agreement with the hospital in a vote on Thursday.

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We have reached a provisional agreement with ONA on a comprehensive package that addresses the significant issues addressed at the bargaining table… We look forward to working with you.” A ratified contract will allow us to provide our highly valued nurses with the wage increases and contract improvements they so rightfully deserve.

According to the Hillsboro Medical Center’s statement in reaction to Wednesday night’s event, they are now working to finalize a robust pay plan for their staff, which includes the union’s suggestions, and they look forward to collaborating on that package over the coming days.

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