Ran Tonk Field Expansion Set For Later This Year
Ran Tonk Field Expansion Set For Later This Year

Ran Tonk Field Expansion Set For Later This Year

Multiple design-builders have been hired by the City of Hillsboro to extend the stadium to fulfil the new MLB specifications for a long-season ballpark for High-A. At this point, the Hops are in their second year as a High-A team and they’re doing well. Ron Tonkin Field, which opened in 2013, will be renovated by Mortenson, SRG, and Populous. Reser Stadium at Oregon State University is likewise being renovated under the leadership of SRG and Populous.

A total of four design-build teams from all throughout the country submitted their bids to us. In Sean Morrison, Senior Project Manager, the Mortenson, SRG, Populous team stood out because of their personable, right-sized, and community-oriented approach to this project. Additionally, their proven approach to DEI and programmes supporting and developing COBID subcontractors were crucial considerations. Those businesses in our neighbourhood would benefit greatly from this, we believe.”

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SRG and Populous “share our goal for transforming Ron Tonkin Field into a world-class multi-purpose arena that will host Hops baseball, concerts, and festivals year-round,” added K.L. Wombacher, Hillsboro Hops president and general manager.

As part of the plan, the new MLB facility standards will be met by expanding and upgrading stadium amenities. Dan Mehls, Mortenson’s Vice President and General Manager, remarked, “The entire team is happy to have been selected for this important, high-profile project.” It’s an honour to be a part of the makeover of the field for the Hillsboro Hops right here in our own backyard, where we have a long history of constructing community and sports projects.”

In order to help the Hillsboro Hops meet the new MLB “High A” full-season baseball requirements, the City has partnered with the Hops. In order to fulfil the new standards, this City-led initiative will allow Ron Tonkin Field to grow in a way that will help bring in additional economic and entertainment benefits outside of baseball, and retain access to all members of our community.”

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The new building will be built with the needs of the community in mind, and its design and construction will emphasise inclusivity and provide a welcoming environment for the region’s diverse population. It is also a priority of both the City and Hops to promote recreational possibilities throughout the entire City.

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