Aspirations Of The Hillsboro High School Team
Aspirations Of The Hillsboro High School Team

Aspirations Of The Hillsboro High School Team

The target shooting team from Hillsboro High School competed in the 2022 State Tournament this past weekend at the Kansas Trap Shooting Association near Valley Center. The Kansas State High School Clay Target League sponsored the event. At the tournament and throughout the target shooting season, a number of individuals from Hillsboro performed well. On Saturday, Mattew Basore was the team’s top trap shooter, hitting 90 of 100 targets in the sport. On the varsity level, he finished in a tie for 61st place.

In Trap on Saturday, Sammie Saunders finished eighth in the varsity women’s division with an 89, good enough for eighth place overall. On Friday, Saunders fired a 75 to finish third in the Skeet competition. Saunders was the league’s leading female skeet shooter with an average of 23.10 hits per 25 attempts throughout the season.

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While it was sad to leave the sport, “I had a lot of fun,” remarked Saunders. As more girls begin competing, the number of competitors is increasing. My opinion is that skeet is a lot of fun, but the trap is a lot more popular, so why not compete in both??” Hillsboro is in its fourth season with 11 players. According to Jessica Saunders, who helped form the squad with a friend, her sister Sammie, and their father J.C., who is the head coach, they are not an official sport at HHS.

There are many students in the target shooting team and in other sports, according to Jessica, a recent alum. To suit their busy schedules, they rehearse at night and on Saturdays. In contrast to Jessica and Sammie, some members of the team had never fired a gun before joining the team. Jessica thought it was a “great way to be involved.” Jessica stated. “It’s also a more cost-effective method of filming because we raise money.”

The Hillsboro High School trap shooting team competed at the 2022 Kansas State Tournament this weekend.

As a club rather than a school-sponsored squad, they must pay for their own clay targets, skeets, and shells because the sport is expensive (and increasingly more expensive). In the past, J.C. noted that a case of shells cost $50, but today they’re approaching $100 in price. Β Justin Corbet Memorial Shooting Sports Foundation in Topeka has given the squad a grant to help with their shooting program. Marion County Quail Forever and other local companies also sponsor them, says J.C.

Participants from Centre High School and Chase County High School have been invited to join the group as well. This year’s squad size was reduced from 15 members to 11 members. JC, the company’s co-founder, announced that they must begin recruiting new members now that two of the three original members have graduated. Competition in target shooting is based on team size rather than school size, which is unusual.

Samantha Saunders with her first-place trophy for winning the 2022 Kansas State High School League Championship.

As a 2A school, Hillsboro competes with 5A and 6A schools, Jessica explained. In other sports or events, “it’s incredibly interesting to compete against schools that we wouldn’t otherwise.”There are two sons in Danielle Rogers’ family who participate.

“The lads enjoy target shooting,” she exclaimed. I’m amazed there aren’t more young people interested in this project. There are a lot of youngsters shooting around here, so practice times are usually flexible. Everyone may enjoy it for lengthy periods of time,” he says. To keep up with the sport’s recent expansion, the state competition is now held over two days. Three days, if you include Friday’s Skeet Shooting contest. A USA Clay Target League official claims that it’s the fastest-growing sport in the state of Kansas.

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So why is it different from other sports? Because we don’t have any reported injuries. Neither Kelvie nor I have any of that. Moreover, in grades six through twelve, we enable boys and girls to compete on the same team. Founded in 2008, the league has already expanded to 34 states, Kelvie noted. In 2014, they began in Kansas.

Over the weekend, more than 2,000 high school students from across the state competed in the 2022 State Tournament.

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